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Saints go Ditka lite in the third round: Day 3 NFL Draft Live Thread

Saints have no picks left, but you know what that means. Absolutely nothing

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

So when the Saints traded up to the 74th pick and drafted linebacker Zack Baun you lost interest in the rest of the 3rd round and went to bed. Well surprise. The Saints traded away the rest of their picks to the Vikings to get back in.

The Saints gave up the rest of their picks to get back into the third round to get TE Adam Trautman.

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis think they have done some good work here grabbing the players they wanted on an already stacked roster. Drafting these players, rather than investing in 4th through 7th rounds pick with little chance to make the roster. Sound thinking perhaps when you consider training camp and team workouts may well be condensed before the season actually gets rolling.

So we’re done right? Time to look to undrafted free agency right? You think you can just skip the rest of the draft today. Well let me tell you something. One thing I’ve learned is you never count out the Saints. If they truly value a remaining candidate, they will mortgage future picks to get back in once again. So join us in the day 4 live draft thread. Enjoy!