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WATCH: CSC recaps a surprising day three for the Saints as they trade back into the draft

Just when we thought the Saints had called it a day for the draft...

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Today’s YouTube update centers around what was supposed to be a quiet NFL Draft day three for the Saints. But did anyone really believe that would be the case, anyway?

The Saints ended up trading back into the draft in the seventh round to grab their guy.

It is clear to see why the Saints, and it sounds like others, were interested in their target as he fits a role the NFL has been trying to copy from New Orleans for a few years now. And now, he resides on the Saints roster.

After the draft concluded, New Orleans also signed 12 undrafted free agents including a couple of standouts that were expected to be drafted as early as the top of day three.

What role does the Saints’ newest selection fill? Which UDFAs should you keep an eye on? A very fun way to cap off the Saints’ 2020 draft.