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What is the worst Saints jersey color combination in history?

Surely not the all-black classic look.

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

It’s no secret the New Orleans Saints have some of the best uniforms of the NFL. That is even despite the Los Angeles Chargers announcing some pretty clean new digs this offseason.

It’s also no secret that the Atlanta Falcons now have some of the worst jerseys in the NFL now.

But that brings up a new question: what is the worst Saints jersey in franchise history? Honestly, compared to most of the NFL, the Saints jerseys are pretty tame in that they - aside from the new color rush set - are not too “adventurous” in their design. Still, I wanted to find what would be the worst in my opinions, so I did. Everyone probably has their own opinions, but here is mine.

After a quick review of the New Orleans Saints uniform history, I was down between three. My first thought for the worst Saints jersey of all time was the tanish-gold jersey tops that came out in 2002 (shown on the top right of the picture below):

But the more I started thinking about it, the more those jerseys grew on me. They fit the color scheme with the tan pants, so I understand the rationale there. They were short-lived, but with the colors and look, I “get” it.

So that brought me to my second thought - the black jersey with the gold and white sleeves that the Saints used up through the 1985 season.

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

I don’t like “busy” uniforms. Call me a purist, but I generally think simple is better. In fact, I prefer the more modern-looking Saints helmet that has a smaller fleur-de-lis on each side as opposed to the original helmets where the logo practically took up the entire side of the helmet.

The alternating gold and and white sleeves fit that “busy” profile. All things equal, I prefer a simple clean sleeve, that maybe, maybe includes a bar of trim. The five bars of alternating gold and white almost look like a flag on the sides of each arm. Not a fan.

But at the same time, I “get” these uniforms too. It’s the Saints three primary colors: black, gold, and white. With a black jersey, gold and white are used as accents. Fine. This still can’t be the worst jersey combination for the Saints.

And then it hit me. I remembered the third jersey set, the one that would take the cake for me, even if it would be controversial. It’s a jersey set that has a special place in the hearts of many a Saints fan, and no, it’s no the all-black-everything look. No, it’s the gold (read: yellow) throwback pants from the early 1970s that were re-introduced as throwback alternates for the 2011 season.

New Orleans Saints - 1970’s File Photos

I’m sorry, but these pants just look yellow to me. Not gold. The Saints are black-and-gold. The Steelers are black-and-yellow. And just look at them from 2011. The yellow pants. The busy alternating stripes on the shoulders. There’s just too much going on here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Don’t get me wrong: these are still perfectly fine jerseys. They have to be my “worst” almost be default because I like all of the other combinations so much. Black-on-black. White-on-black. All-whites. Color rush.

The Saints have the best jerseys in the NFL, but if you had to pick the worst...for me it would be any that have those darn yellow pants. Do you disagree? Let me know in the comments. Send me presents.