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Saints DT Shy Tuttle talks Tom Brady, Matt Ryan stiff-arm, and goals for the 2020 season

Canal Street Chronicles had the chance to interview Saints defensive tackle Shy Tuttle and talk about life, Tiger King, and Tom Brady.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Shy Tuttle quickly took the fanbase by storm last Thanksgiving when the rookie intercepted and then subsequently stiff armed Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan into oblivion. Here it is in case you forgot:

In addition to the Ryan interception/stiff arm, Tuttle had an impressive rookie campaign in which he played in all 16 regular season games and recorded two sacks. The defensive tackle’s role on the team should expand heading into his second-year during the 2020 season.

Tuttle was nice enough to sit down and talk with Canal Street Chronicles this past week to discuss his life in the COVID-19 era, as well as Tiger King, Tom Brady and the upcoming 2020 season.

Kade Kistner: First things first, how are you and the family? Are y’all safe, healthy, and virus-free?

Shy Tuttle: My family and I are doing well thank you for asking. We’re from a small country town in North Carolina so we’re used to life being slow. Maybe not to this extent, but somewhat, so there hasn’t been too much of a shift for us.

KK: How have you been passing time in quarantine? Pick up any new hobbies, video games, TV shows, etc.?

ST: Other than eating and trying to find a place to workout consistently, I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox. I rotate between Call of Duty, NBA 2k, and a little bit of NFL Madden too.

KK: Speaking of TV, have you seen Tiger King yet?

ST: *laughs* Yes, I saw the Tiger King series. It was wild, I’m surprised it didn’t generate more buzz when the issues were actually going on in real time. Now, there’s so much buzz and talk about it after the fact. Joe Exotic is a character, that’s for sure. I’m confused on how someone has over 200 tigers...

KK: What do you make of Carole Baskin? Definitely something fishy huh?

ST: Well, I’m not trying to get in trouble here or have her fan base coming for me on social media. But I don’t know, there was definitely some fishy stuff going on there. Why did she meet with her brother, who works for the sheriffs department at like 3:00 am the morning after her husband went missing??? I think there’s more to be uncovered.

KK: On a more serious note, what do you think of Tom Brady making his way to the NFC South? Excited to line up across from him twice a year?

ST: I think it’s great because it makes our division a whole lot more competitive. And yes, I’m very excited, Tom Brady is one of the GOATs. I grew up watching him, so to be able to be on the same field as him is crazy to think about. It’s very nostalgic.

KK: Let’s talk about that stiff arm on Matt Ryan last Thanksgiving and the German broadcast. Pretty hilarious stuff. Have you seen it yet, and what do make of it?

ST: Yeah, that was pretty funny. My mom really enjoyed that one. I was just trying to make a play for the team. We had the chance to win the division in the month of November.

KK: If you had to be quarantined with one teammate, who would it be and why?

ST: I would have to go with Jalen Dalton. We both from grew up in the same hometown basically, our high schools were rivals, and neither of us have any kids so we have a lot in common. Also, he is a very funny dude - we would crack jokes all day.

KK: Which teammate is most likely hoarding toilet paper?

ST: Definitely Carl [Granderson], every five minutes that dude has to use the bathroom.

KK: Which teammate is most likely making baked goods during the quarantine?

ST: I would say Sheldon [Rankins]. He told me he was “like that” in the kitchen. I don’t know about cakes, but I know he is cooking up something.

KK: Where is the first place you’ll go once everything reopens?

ST: This a tough question, because New Orleans has so many great restaurants to choose from. But the first place is probably Morrows or Ya-Yas, those are my two favorite restaurants in the city so far.

KK: Are there any places you particularly like for take-out right now?

ST: I’ve been consistent with Chipotle. I’m not in New Orleans right now, so I’ve been pretty basic when it comes to food - grilling burgers, sautéing some salmon. . .pretty chill dishes.

KK: Which of these would you rather have happen and why: sack-fumble-score on Tom Brady, or another interception off of Matt Ryan complete with the stiff arm?

ST: Man that’s a tough one both are arguably Hall of Fame quarterbacks. But I’m going to go with sack-fumble on Tom Brady. That’d be a pretty cool story to tell my kids one day.

KK: Finally, what are your personal goals for the upcoming season?

ST: Just improve and build off of last season. I’m not a rookie anymore so I understand the game and know what to expect going into this next season. I don’t want to put expectations on anything but the sky is the limit.

Shy’s answer’s were a blast and we appreciate the time he took out of his day to speak with us. You can follow him on Twitter @KingTut_90, as well as myself @KadeKistner and as always Canal Street Chronicles @SaintsCSC.