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CSC Editorial: Jameis Winston will be your worst nightmare

Y’all better strap in tight, New Orleans Saints fans. This ride could get (queasy?)

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Okay, let’s get something straight right off the bat. Jameis Winston is NOT my cup of tea when it comes to an NFL quarterback. Not even close. Never liked him. He is a much better quarterback than he’s being given credit, but at the same time, the space in-between his ears often leads to bad decisions on the field along with some nutty behavior. His off-field issues don’t help either, but Ben Roethlisberger has had similar off-field issues and it hasn’t stopped him from being acknowledged as a top passing talent.

Winston’s first five seasons in the NFL are among the most prolific in NFL history. During this period he has three seasons of 4000-plus passing yards which includes one for over 5000 yards. This puts him second only to Peyton Manning in total passing yards. Also, Winston has a higher passing rating and has thrown less interceptions than Manning did at this point in his career. He’s also eighth all-time in passing touchdowns during his first five seasons. Ahead of some guys with names like Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s what a comparison of Winston to three current Hall of Famers and two future first-ballot locks for the Hall of Fame looks like….

QB Comparison - First Five Seasons

Player G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Pick6 TD% Int% Rate Sk Yds Sk% Y/A AY/A Y/G 4QC GWD
Player G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Pick6 TD% Int% Rate Sk Yds Sk% Y/A AY/A Y/G 4QC GWD
Peyton Manning 80 80 1749 2817 62.09 20618 138 100 10 4.9 3.55 85.9 108 733 3.70% 7.32 6.70 257.7 13 16
Jameis Winston 72 70 1563 2548 61.34 19737 121 88 11 4.7 3.45 86.9 169 1075 6.20% 7.75 7.14 274.1 7 11
Brett Favre 65 61 1342 2149 62.45 14825 108 66 5 5.0 3.07 86.8 129 823 5.70% 6.90 6.52 228.1 7 9
Kurt Warner 51 49 1083 1623 66.73 14082 101 64 8 6.2 3.94 98.2 108 679 6.20% 8.68 8.15 276.1 2 4
Tom Brady 64 62 1243 2018 61.6 13925 97 52 5 4.8 2.58 87.5 130 787 6.10% 6.90 6.70 217.6 8 12
Drew Brees 59 58 1125 1809 62.19 12348 80 53 3 4.4 2.93 84.9 92 724 4.80% 6.83 6.39 209.3 5 9

So, in a nutshell, the kid can flat out sling it.

Which allows me to say without any hesitation; if Brees goes down for five games in this upcoming season the way he did last year, he is NOT getting his job back. The ONLY way Jameis will fail with the Saints is if he has some type of mental or emotional breakdown. Otherwise, he is too good of a player.

“But, Dawg! What about all those INTERCEPTIONS!”

Those 30 interceptions which a lot of folks keep carrying on about were an anomaly. Before last season he had never thrown 20+ picks in a season let alone 30. In addition, Winston has never thrown more picks than touchdowns in a season. Hell, even when he threw 30 picks he still threw 33 touchdowns.

Here is how Winston’s first five seasons stack up….

Jameis Winston - Career to Date

Year Age G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% 1D Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate Sk Yds Sk% 4QC GWD AV
Year Age G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% 1D Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate Sk Yds Sk% 4QC GWD AV
2015 21 16 16 312 535 58.3 4042 22 4.1 15 2.8 201 68 7.6 7.1 13.0 252.6 84.2 27 190 4.8 2 3 13
2016 22 16 16 345 567 60.8 4090 28 4.9 18 3.2 216 45 7.2 6.8 11.9 255.6 86.1 35 239 5.8 1 3 12
2017 23 13 13 282 442 63.8 3504 19 4.3 11 2.5 185 70 7.9 7.7 12.4 269.5 92.2 33 207 6.9 2 2 10
2018 24 11 9 244 378 64.6 2992 19 5.0 14 3.7 152 64 7.9 7.3 12.3 272.0 90.2 27 157 6.7 0 1 9
2019 25 16 16 380 626 60.7 5109 33 5.3 30 4.8 243 71 8.2 7.1 13.4 319.3 84.3 47 282 7 2 2 15

Unless Jameis Winston has some type of off-the-field issues this kid is going to LIGHT IT UP in coach Sean Payton’s offense if he ever gets an extended opportunity like Teddy Bridgewater did.

To put it more plainly, If Brees has to sit again for any extended time due to injury, he’s toast.

And yes, for a LOT of Saints fans (especially those who hate Winston’s guts) that will truly be a nightmare. Just think if the Saints win the Super Bowl with Jameis Winston as the starting QB over Drew Brees. Can you imagine it?

Drew Brees sitting on the sideline looking like this….

While Jameis is celebrating at the 50-yard line with the Lombardi Trophy in his hand while doing this?

Hold on folks, I just threw up in my mouth little. Anyway, that would be…. um, terrible? After all, that would mean that New Orleans had won another SUPER BOWL!

But, no, that would NOT be the nightmare which is being referred to in the title. Nah folks, that would be the easy part. Watching your favorite team win a second Super Bowl which had eluded them for 10 seasons? And all you had to do was hold your nose while Jameis Winston threw touchdowns all over the field inside of Payton’s “vaunted” offense which, once again, can sling the rock ANYWHERE on the carpet? Oh please, there would be a whole lot of crawfishing around Who Dat Nation of folks who would be gloriously celebrating that victory while singing “I am SO HAPPY that I was SO WRONG about Jameis!”

No, the hard part and the REAL NIGHTMARE will be watching it all unfold during the regular season when you have no idea if things are going to work out. Watching Brees go down to injury (again) like in 2019. Or, watching Brees fall apart down the stretch (again) like in 2018. Then watching Winston get his shot. Watching this kid throw touchdowns while winning game after game. But, being at the ready whenever he throws a pick so some folks can shout “See! I told y’all!” at every opportunity.

Then, publicly hoping and praying that he can simply hold serve like Teddy did (while NOT looking too good; to Saints fans) at the same time secretly hoping and praying that something, anything, gets him out of there so then Payton can go with Taysom Hill. Or maybe even give the guy in the meat department at Whole Foods a shot?

Oh yeah, it will be hell on those fans during that period before it becomes confirmed that the Saints can not only win with Jameis Winston but that the offense is actually (DON’T SAY IT, DAWG!) yes, better with him behind center.


And then, reality sets in and the nightmare turns into acceptance. Some fans will simply resign themselves to just lie there and take it. Watching a quarterback that you can’t stand and never wanted on the team, take your favorite squad to the Super Bowl. All the while watching your favorite signal caller fade away into the sunset on the bench.

Worse than that, in some cases it will cause some folks to question themselves (or their favorite team). Their ideals, ethics, values, and dare I say morals? And that’s only because there has been quite a bit of venom spewed out there against this kid which has nothing to do with football. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone’s personal choices or opinions. I’m simply acknowledging the fact that when an individual causes such fiercely strong feelings, which oppose one another, it can turn into a waking nightmare.

But, hey, like Breesus Christ Superstar said… Winston will probably get thrown out in training camp or maybe sent packing early in the season like Adrian Peterson and save everyone from a lot of anguish.


Or, not…….