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Saints Official NFL 2020 Schedule release watch party: Open Thread

Well the schedule is about to be official. Lets talk about it.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Many leaks about the Saints season schedule have gone on all day. We’re about to get the official truth. Rumors have flown around, like there being no AFC/NFC matchups to start the season in case it is delayed. Well I don’t think the NFL can operate that way. We are either going to have a season or not. Hedging your bets won’t work. We are supposed to play on Friday for Christmas. In Las Vegas. Five prime time games. Well we’re about to find out. We already know the opponents, the schedule will tell us things like how many cold weather games will be during the cold season. That one never bothered me. Football is meant to be played during the winter. Personally looking forward to the Drew Brees and Tom Brady matchups. The battle of the G.O.A.T.s. So get together and discuss, the schedule, favorite or worst matchup you see. Discuss anything about the schedule that draws your interest. Will the leaked Week 6 Bye be a good thing or too soon?

Have Fun and enjoy each others company.