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Surge of coronavirus cases tears through Superdome contractors

A new surge of the novel coronavirus has just made its way through the crew working on Superdome renovations.

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Amid the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus new cases are appearing at record rates across the country. Texas and Florida have both just seen their highest number of COVID-related hospitalizations during the last few days.

With the gradual reopening of New Orleans many citizens have worried about the impact it could have on their community. Now, some of those concerns may have just been realized as more than 10% of workers assigned to the renovations of the Superdome have just tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According a statement from the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District, 32 workers have tested positive:

“We can confirm that in the last few weeks, 32 of the 275-plus daily workers on the project have tested positive for COVID-19.

“This post-Memorial Day increase is consistent with what 21 other states, not including Louisiana, are experiencing at this stage of the pandemic as more restrictions have been lifted for travel, shopping, and work.”

According to ESPN, Broadmoor LLC has isolated all workers infected with the novel coronavirus. It remains to be seen how these positive COVID-19 tests could potentially impact the timeline for the completion of the renovations on the Superdome.

It also raises the question on whether or not the NFL will get more involved with maintenance and construction on its teams’ facilities. This is just one more example of why people need to take extra precautions during this pandemic.