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You can already pre-order Madden NFL 21

It’s never too early!

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Looking for a way to replay last season? Want to finally get Drew Brees that second ring? Well quit day dreaming, and do it on Madden NFL 21.

You can pre-order now, to get a head-start on your Franchise mode, Ultimate Team or the returning Face of the Franchise mode.

On your Franchise, you can finally make that transition to Taysom Hill and see what the Saints future looks like with a dual-threat QB at the helm. On Face of the Franchise, you have the opportunity to play out your dreams from high school to pro and become a legend. Or if you’re looking from an escape from reality, you can create an Ultimate Team from scratch and dominate the ranks.

All of this and more is available on Madden NFL 21, released August 28.

Pre-order now from the link below for PlayStation or Xbox.

NOTE: Madden NFL 21 will be released on Aug. 28.