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CSC Roundtable: Who leads the Saints in interceptions in 2020?

Cue the Jameis Winston jokes. You know you want to do it in the comments.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Deuce: Who leads the Saints’ defense in interceptions in 2020? It’s an important question to ask considering you’ve got at least two new starters back there (and likely a third in Chauncey Gardner-Johnson).

Andrew: I say Marshon, because I said he’d have a bounce back year and I want my priors confirmed.

Kevin: I’m gonna go ahead and say (Janoris) Jenkins.

Brenden: I think Marcus does, but Shon and Jack Rabbit are close behind.

Deuce: My answer is Janoris Jenkins, he’s a natural ball hawk who does a really good job of reading the receiver in phase and reacting. Very good ball skills for a man corner and thats what Dennis Allen seems to indicate they’ll get back to much like they did a lot of couple years ago. He had 5 total in 2019 (4 with NYG and 1 with NOLA) and averages about 3 a year. Real question is does he give up more touchdowns than interceptions.

Kade: I’d have to agree with Andrew and go with Shon. I think it’ll be a big year for him.

Dunnells: Marshon and Janoris are both so volatile to me right now. They could be great, or they could be just average. (Granted, average is better than what the Saints have had in the past, so I should be thankful that the floor is just average.)

Deuce: Gotta agree with that Duns, but aren’t we supposed to be optimistic in June? 19-0 confirmed.

Dunnells: If Marshon is having a lockdown year early, I can see opposing defenses just forcing the ball against Janoris. Or vice-versa. I’m hoping both have solid years, in which case I’ll say neither get a lot of opportunities one-on-one.

I think my pick of Marcus is the epitome of optimism. Not only am I saying Jackrabbit and Lattimore have solid years, I’m saying Marcus looks like pre-Miracle Marcus.

Deuce: Oof... Now you’re gonna force me to put that in the article Duns.

Brenden: Whether Shon and Jenkins are playing at an elite level or even an average level they are one of, if not the best, duos in the league. I felt like at sometimes teams were shy to throw at Lattimore but now teams will have to test him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Latt or Janoris lead the team in interceptions.

Andrew: I don’t think defenses really avoid Lattimore as much as people think, likely because he’s often guarding the opposing teams best receiver and they want to get that guy the ball nonetheless. Latt’s targeted as much as anyone on the team most of the time. The exception was 2017 when teams were throwing at Ken Crawley every play.

Latt was targeted 82 times last year (2019), which led all Saints defenders by 6. In 2018 PJ led with 93 and Latt was close at 84. Crawley was targeted 105 times in only 15 games in ‘17 lmao

Ross: Hey, I think Marcus is a good bet, but it’ll be Janoris.

Dunnells: Glad you used facts and analysis to support your position. Bye, Mr. Wrongness.

Kevin: Ok, but I’m taking Janoris. I don’t think people throw at Shon enough for him to pick up crazy numbers, and Marcus is a good ball hawk but he’s good for as many drops as he is picks. Janoris I think has better hands and he’s good in zone coverage. For what it’s worth, I also think Janoris will lead in penalties.

Ross: Agreed. I like Janoris because of his work in man coverage. He can generate turnovers from zone and man, which I think is a big reason why he’s a guy to consider here. Lattimore and Williams tend to deter QBs from throwing their way, Jenkins should get enough targets to take advantage of.

Ellias: Marcus Williams. If you guys wanted context I expect more man this year. Fewer interception opportunities for CBs and more for Safeties able to break on tipped balls. Saints have been bottom of the league in deflections last few years and that’s needs to change. Tighter coverage vs Zone is called for at this point. I expect heavier blitzes too and Williams shouldn’t be exposed as much by a pass rush that isn’t getting there. His junior year in college was his best year and I liken his contract year to produce similar results.

We also ran a survey on Twitter to get the thoughts of Saints fans on social media, and after more than 1,000 votes Who Dat Nation voted Marcus Williams as the upcoming interception leader with 39.6% of the votes.

Lattimore came in second with 31.4% of the votes while Janoris finished with 22.2%. Names like Alex Anzalone and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson make their ways into the comment section on social media, and maybe they’ll find their way here!