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Drew Brees stands by apology after Trump called out quarterback on Twitter

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees released a statement standing by his apology after President Trump called him out on Twitter on Friday.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Earlier this past week New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees stated that he did not support NFL players kneeling for the flag in a tone deaf response to a question posed to him in an interview.

After intense public and private scrutiny from the media, fans, and his own teammates Brees backtracked on his statement, and then ultimately released an apology video on Instagram. Brees made his case during a private team meeting, and seems to have made amends with many of his teammates who have been affected by the racial inequality in America.

Brees ultimately understood his mistake and has taken actions to rectify those comments he made during the interview. One person who was not a fan of Brees retracting his tone deaf comments was President Donald Trump.

Trump took to Twitter to call out Brees for retracting his hurtful comments and doubled down on his rhetoric condemning the peaceful protests NFL players participated in by kneeling for the national anthem.

While many would have expected Brees to back down, or at the very least remained silent, when President Trump took to Twitter the quarterback doubled down on his apology and his newly informed position. Brees took to Instagram to directly respond to Trump’s Twitter comments. Brees defended the need to be an ally of the Black community while once again admitting that this situation is far more than just kneeling for the anthem and flag.

It remains to be seen how the Saints will respond or be affected by this conflict created by Brees. But with their current locker room chemistry they represent the team with the best chance of overcoming this type of adversity that was spearheaded by its leader. At this point Brees has acknowledged his mistake and changed his narrative. Now we have to see it in action.