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A look around the NFC South on SB Nation

The NFC South is home to the best wide receivers in the NFL

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

A collection of news and stories from the other SB Nation NFC South blogs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Bucs Nation)

Bruce Arians believe all the players are going to get sick. For the Bucs head coach, it’s all a matter of just how sick they get and if the spread of COVID-19 can be contained.

Meet the Buccaneers running backs. A very detailed and in-depth look at the running backs on the current Buccaneers roster.

Brady’s blindside in jeopardy? Bucs left tackle Donovan Smith unsure if he’ll play next season due to COVID-19. Like players in several sports, Smith has expressed concerns about playing football during a pandemic.

Carolina Panthers (via Cat Scratch Reader)

Cam Newton soars past Teddy Bridgewater in fantasy. And the CSR crowd is unhappy about it. Who wants their ex to do well?

Kitties fans don’t like the Saints. Shocker! when a team has won the division three times in a row and is owning its rivals, they will feel a little salty. Interesting podcast nonetheless. Even funnier, notorious Saints hater and friend of the blog Jeanna Thomas was invited, but her feed crashed mid-podcast. Karma?

The NFC South is home to the best quarterbacks and wide receivers in the NFL. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Teddy Bridgewater, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin...The collection of talent at QB and WR in the division is absolutely staggering.

Atlanta Falcons (via The Falcoholic)

Falcons player profile: Deion Jones. The former LSU Tiger linebacker has become the undisputed leader of Atlanta’s defense. And at times, a thorn in the Saints’ side.

How good will the Falcons offense be in 2020? A unit led by the capable Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and now Todd Gurley looks like it could be a problem in the NFC South next year.

NFLPA criticizes NFL’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic. Cleveland Browns center JC Tretter who heads the NFLPA, warns that the season could be on the line as the league is putting players at risk.