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Saints fans have good reason to hate the Panthers

It’s SB Nation rivalry week and here is why the New Orleans Saints hate the Carolina Panthers.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s SB Nation’s rivalry week and we are moving on to the Carolina Panthers. The New Orleans Saints and the Panthers have been characterized by high scoring, and sometimes, heartbreaking games.

Obviously the Atlanta Falcons are the Saints’s biggest rival, but they haven’t been a factor since, you know, 28-3. . . But, since then the Panthers have seemed to be the biggest factor in the NFC South for New Orleans. Then- Carolina quarterback Cam Newton was fun to hate with his style and the 3,242 yards and 21 touchdowns in his 15 career games against New Orleans.

The Panthers have always been a pain in the Saints’ side, in some of the most inconvenient times of course. Furthermore the Panthers have played New Orleans more than any other team in their franchise’s history and only after the 2019 season did the Saints lead the Panthers 26-25 in the series against each other.

So, what do we hate more about the Panthers? Is it the fact that they hired showboat Cam Newton? What about their chant? Or the fact they signed what would’ve been the future of the franchise at the quarterback position, Teddy Bridgewater? Oh, and that guy Christian McCaffrey, who we have to see twice a year.

Patrick on Twitter puts it pretty succinctly in my opinion:

Since quarterback Drew Brees arrived in New Orleans, the record between the two teams has been relatively even despite talented teams for both clubs. This has made the rivalry between the two even more bitter as neither team seems to be able to hold the edge.

It was also tough for many New Orleans fans to face one of the most respected coaches, Ron Rivera twice a season. Luckily for us, Rivera has now been shipped to Washington D.C.

While Carolina may not be a holiday foe, they have proven to be an end of the year challenge each season since Cam Newton took the helm in 2011. Oh, and one last thing. They have now signed LSU fan favorite Joe Brady as offensive coordinator. How could we forget that?!?

Let’s bury them in 2020.