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I posted this on July 6th:

I stated that the New Orleans States-Item newspaper needed to be digitized, and that it was important to the history of the New Orleans Saints. I was incorrect. Readex/Newsbank has digitized that newspaper, but it is available in the Louisiana area only.

I'm subscribed to GenealgyBank, a division of Readex/Newsbank. I also have access to Readex AllSearch through the New York Public Library. I had thought that I had access to ALL the Readex databases. Three times over several years, I contacted GenealogyBank and told them that they have the New Orleans States and the New Orleans Item, but they should get the States-Item and that I really needed it. I was given form responses each time. At no time was I told that the parent company, Readex/Newsbank, had already done this, but that it is not included in Readex AllSearch and would not be available to me in New York.

I apologize for the error. The New Orleans Public Library subsequently allowed me access to this database. It was not very helpful for "Big Easy," but it was very helpful for the naming of the New Orleans Saints, which is the subject of a following post.

In the previous fanpost, I mentioned that The Louisiana Weekly (an African American periodical) also needed to be digitized. I double-checked and, yes, that still needs to be digitized. A States-Item article in the 1970s stated that "BIg Easy" is from the "black community." The owners of The Louisiana Weekly, as I pointed out in a comment on my fanpost, were also part owners of the Saints. Please get this done!



One of the nicknames of New Orleans is "Saint City." Here is the best information on that.

"Saint City" is a nickname of New Orleans, Louisiana, and has appeared in such names as "Saint City Tours" and "Saint City Jazz Band." The name was influenced by the popular song "When the Saints Go Marching In" and the name of the NFL football team, the New Orleans Saints. "Saint City" has been cited in print since at least 1993, when it was the title of a film that was set in New Orleans.

Other New Orleans nicknames include "America’s Most Interesting City," "Baghdad-on-the-Bayou," "Big Crescent," "Big Easy," "Big Greasy," "Big Sleazy," "Birthplace of Jazz," "Chocolate City," "Chopper City," "City of a Million Dreams," "City of Yes," "City That Care Forgot," "City That Forgot to Care," "Convention City," "Crawfish Town," "Creole City," "Crescent City," "Gateway of the Mississippi Valley," "Gumbo City," "Hollywood South," "Jump City," "Mardi Gras City," "Metropolis of the South," "N’Awlins," "Necropolis of the South," "Nerlins," "No Orleans" (after Hurricane Katrina), "NOLA," "Northernmost Banana Republic," "Northernmost Caribbean City," "Old Swampy," "Paris of America," "Queen City," "Silicon Bayou," "Silicon Swamp" and "Sweet Lady Gumbo."

Wikipedia: New Orleans
New Orleans (/njuː ˈɔːrli.ənz, -ˈɔːrˈliːnz, -ˈɔːrlənz/, or /ˈnɔːrlənz/; French: La Nouvelle-Orléans [la nuvɛlɔʁleɑ̃]) is a major United States port and the largest city and metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana.

The population of the city was 343,829 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. The New Orleans metropolitan area (New Orleans–Metairie–Kenner Metropolitan Statistical Area) had a population of 1,167,764 in 2010 and was the 46th largest in the United States.

Wikipedia: When the Saints Go Marching In
"When the Saints Go Marching In", often referred to as "The Saints", is a Black Spiritual. Though it originated as a Christian hymn, it is often played by jazz bands. This song was famously recorded on May 13, 1938 by Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra. The song is sometimes confused with a similarly titled composition "When the Saints Are Marching In" from 1896 by Katharine Purvis (lyrics) and James Milton Black (music).

Wikipedia: New Orleans Saints
The New Orleans Saints are a professional American football team based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints currently compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The team was founded by John W. Mecom Jr., David Dixon and the city of New Orleans. The Saints began play in Tulane Stadium in 1967.

The name "Saints" is an allusion to November 1 being All Saints Day in the Catholic faith, New Orleans’ large Catholic population, and the spiritual "When the Saints Go Marching In", which is strongly associated with New Orleans and often sung by fans at games. The franchise was founded on November 1, 1966. The team’s primary colors are old gold and black; their logo is a simplified fleur-de-lis.

7 May 1993, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), "More Big Easy Moviemaking" by David Baron, Lagniappe sec., pg. L22, col. 4:
Meanwhile . . . a similarly modest but decidedly less mainstream project is set to go before the cameras in the Crescent City in September. Chris Johnstone’s "Saint City," an independent feature about a lovelorn music-festival producer searching for an authentic blues horn section to back a stubborn but legendary blues artist, is the second outing by the director of "Buffalo Jump," a low-budget hit on the festival circuit that may get a Movie Pitchers run in the near future.

3 September 2005, Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO), "Globe," pg. 20A:
Of all the nicknames New Orleans has, the Big Easy and the Crescent City are the most well-known. Other nicknames:

* The City That Care Forgot
* Birthplace of Jazz
* Mardi Gras City
* Super Bowl City
* Paris of the South
* Queen City of the South
* America’s Favorite City
* City of the Chefs
* Saint City

Yahoo! Answers (January 23, 2008)
Why is New Orleans called the Crescent City?
Best Answer: Crescent City alludes to the course of the Mississippi River around and through the city.

New Orleans has many nicknames including Saint City, The City That Care Forgot, Crescent City, and probably its most famous, The Big Easy.

Google Books
Guardian of the Eternal Light

By Bruce D. Kopp
Victoria, BC: FriesenPress
Pg. 77:
And now we stop in a place called New Orleans, the Big Easy, Nawlins, Birthplace of Jazz, Saint City, Mardi Gras City of Festivals.

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New Orleans, Nola, Nawlins, Crescent City, Saint City, #thebigeasy WUDUP?
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