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Saints 17 Buccaneers 7: 2nd half game thread

Saints start slow.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints start off with a 3 and out.

Buccaneers start at their own 14. They pick up a 1st down on a PI against Malcom Jenkins. Tom Brady completes to the Saints 43. Buccaneers pick up another 1st down into the redzone on a questionable PI flag. Buccaneers rush for a 1st and goal inside the 5. Rush to the 2. Brady takes it in for the TD. Extra point is good. 7-0 Buccaneers.

Saints start at the 25. Devonte Harris rushes for 8. Another rush for the 1st. Alvin Kamara picks up 5 on a screen. Saints punt again.

Buccaneers start at the 12. Rush for 2. On 2nd down Saints tackle for a loss. 3rd and long. Bucs punt.

Saints start at the 36. Michael Thomas picks up 4. A screen to Kamara loses 2. 3rd and 8. Drew Brees to Jared Cook for 18 and a 1st. Kamara rushes up the middle for a hard 2. 2nd and 8. And an injury timeout for a Bucs D-lineman. End of the 1st. That went quick. Taysom Hill takes the snap and with no one open rushes for the 1st. Brees back in and Latavius Murray rushes for 7. Drew incomplete deep. Brees to Cook for the 1st inside the 15. Wildcard snap to Kamara who rushes for 4. Brees hands off but the back is blown up. Peat totally blew his block. Drew to Kamara for the TD. Extra point is good. 7 all.

Brady starts at his 25. Short rush for 2. Brady throws an interception to Marcus Williams.

Starting at the Bucs 35 a toss to Kamara loses 3. Brees misses a wide open Michael Thomas. 3 and 13. A PI on the Bucs for a spot foul makes it 1st and goal from the 6. Kamara earns some of his new contract, rushing for his 2nd TD. 14-7 Saints

Buccaneers start at the 25. Back to back rushes makes it 3rd and 1. And one more for the 1st. A 3 yard carry. Brady completes to their 44 and they rush for the 1st to midfield. Rob Gronkowski picks up the 1st down. Marshon Lattimore gives the Bucs another 1st down with a senseless personal foul. Cameron Jordan tackles for a big lost backing them up to the Saints 31. Incomplete. 3rd and 13. And Brady is sacked by Trey Hendrickson to the Saints 35. Fieldgoal is blocked by Marcus Hunt. Saints ball at their own 45. 3:27 left in the half.

Murray rushes up the middle for 4. Brees misses a wide open Kamara. Drew completes just short of the 1st. 4th down and the 2 minute warning for Sean Payton to think about it. On 4th and 2 the Saints go for it. The Bucs jump and it’s 1st down. Ball at the Tampa 42. Devonte Harris picks up 17 on the screen pass. Saints at the 25. Timeout Saints. 1:52 to the half. Ndamukong Suh jumps and we pick up 5. Jared Cook drops an easy pass. Lucky that wasn’t picked. Michael Thomas picks up the 1st to the 12. Drew throws out the endzone. 1 minute left. Screen pass is batted down. 3rd and 10. Brees is forced out the pocket and manages to pick up 1. Time out Buccaneers with 25 seconds on the clock. Will Lutz kicks a 29 yard fieldgoal. 17-7 Saints.

Brady starts at the 25 with 42 seconds and two timeouts left. Brady completes for 10. Brady manages to unload to avoid Hendrickson’s 2nd sack. An intentional grounding flag on Tom Brady and Trey Hendrickson is redeemed. 2nd an 22. A screen picks up 6. Incomplete and it’s 4th down.

Devonte Harris returns the punt to the 37 and the Saints run out the clock. Halftime.