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Social media reactions to the Atlanta Falcons pulling an “Atlanta Falcons” against the Cowboys


Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints didn’t play yesterday, but Saints fans still found reason to celebrate.

The Atlanta Falcons jumped out to an early 20-0 lead against the Dallas Cowboys, and were up by two possessions with less than three minutes left in the game. At the 2:52 mark in regulation, the Atlanta Falcons had a 99.9% win probability. There was no way the Falcons would blow this game, right? Entering yesterday, teams were 440-0 in games when scoring at least 39 points and not turning the ball over once. No way, right?

Come on. You know the answer to that one. We’re talking about THE Atlanta Falcons. Of course they blew it.

And it was absolutely glorious. And did Saints fans respond on social media courteously and respectfully to Falcon fans’ sorrow? You already know the answer to that one too. Here are some of the best reactions:

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