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17 all: Saints at Raiders 2nd half game thread

Those empty stadiums are going to take some getting used to.

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders
That’s going to take some getting used to. No Fans.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Raider win the toss and defer. Saints start at the 25.

3 rush plays and 1 incomplete and the Saints are past midfield. Alvin Kamara picks up other first. Emmanuel Sanders drops one right in his hands then Tre’Quan Smith gets a first down reception. No gain by Kamara then a reception for 7. Tre’Quan is targeted again but the ball is knocked lose. Saints settle for 3.

Raiders start at the 25. They pick up a 1st down on 3 straight runs. Derek Carr goes deep incomplete. Malcom Jenkins with the sack on a blitz. 3rd and 23. Raiders punt.

Saints start at the 22. Latavius Murray rushes for 4. Holding flag on the Raiders gives us a 1st down. Kamara rushes for 14. Kamara with another big run to the Raiders 35. Murray picks up 2. Drew Brees throws a dirt ball. Brees to Smith to the 4. Nice throw by Brees but Smith made the hard yards. 1st and goal. Timeout Saints. Kamara runs to the 1. Johnathan Abram hits the cart on the sideline and is down. Injury timeout. Kamara for the TD. Will Lutz is money. Extra point it good. Personal foul brings the Saints to the 1 and they decide to go for 2 instead. Kamara walks in. An illegal formation penalty negates the conversion and the Saints have to settle for the extra point. 10-0 Saints.

Raiders take it out to the 28. Josh Jacobs rush for 4. Carr completes past the 50. Gain of 22. Carr goes deep, too long. Coverage sack on Carr. Holding flag is declined. 3rd and 15. Carr is sacked again. Raiders punt.

Fair catch and the Saints start at the 20. Kamara picks up 5. Drew throsws a little behind Devonte Harris who can’t hold on. 3rd and 5. Brees over throws Jared Cook and an OPI is declined. First Saints punt of the game.

Raiders start at their 47. Screen to Jacobs is 1 yard short. End of 1st quarter. Jacobs is backed up 2. Carr to Jason Witten for the 1st. Carr to Jacobs for 6. Jacobs run for 3. 3rd and 1. Carr completes to the Saints 33. Jacobs loses 2. Defensive hold gives the Raiders 5 and a 1st down. Carr completes to inside the red zone. Pick up 1. Darren Waller catches for 1st and goal. Wide open pass for the TD. Extra point is good. 10-7 Saints.

Devonte Harris takes it out to the 24. Screen to Kamara for 16 yards. Nick Easton is down. Cesar Ruiz time. Brees to Murray for 10. Brees to Smith to the Raiders 25. Brees to Adam Trautman to the 8. 1st and goal. Brees under pressure throws it out the back of the endzone. Kamara rush to the 5. Brees to Jared Cook for the TD. Extra point is good. 17-7 Saints.

Raiders start at the 25. 5:22 left in the half. Jacobs picks up 7. Jacobs loses 2. 3rd and 5. Carr complete for 19 yards. Carr completes to the Saints 36. Demario Davis defends the pass. Incomplete. 3rd and 10. Brian Edwards catches for the first to the 16. Trey Hendrickson jumps. 5 yard penalty. Two minute warning. 1st and 5 after the penalty. Saints Blitz the run and back Jacobs up. 2nd and 9. Carr under pressure throws it away. 3rd and 9. Carr completes to the endzone . Play is under review. TD is good. Extra point is good 17-14 Saints.

Saints have one timeout and 1:44 left on the clock. Plenty of time. Saints start at the 25. Kamara picks up 5. Ty Montgomery drops an easy pass. 3rd and 5. Brees to Smith for the 1st. Brees is picked off. A really bad throw by Brees. First INT of the season.

Raiders ball at the Saints 40 with 48 seconds left. Carr complete for 5. Carr completes two yards short of the first. Timeout Raiders. Complete for the 1st. 25 seconds left. Complete to the 17. 1st down. 20 seconds left. Carr rushes for 3. Rush for a couple more and use their last timeout. 9 seconds left. 3rd and 2. Carr throws out of the endzone. Fieldgoal is good. Tie game and half time.