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The Saints don’t look like the Saints, as they drop Week 2 game in Las Vegas, 34-24.

A sloppy game for both offense and defense leads to an dissapointing Week 2 loss against the Raiders.

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s Monday night in Vegas! The Saints try to give the Raiders a sour first game in the beautiful Allegiant Stadium. Let’s see how their effort to start out 2-0 played out.

1st Half

Raiders won the opening kickoff and chose to defer. It’s a touchback. As we all could have guessed, Deonte Harris kicks off the game with a first down run. Everything seems to working well for the Saints offense, much more effecient start compared to last week. Tre’Quan Smith makes a great catch to set them up into redzone. Raiders defense steps up in the redzone and forces a Wil Lutz field goal. NO 3 - LV 0.

The Saints set up the raiders with a touchback of their own. They start with 3 straight Josh Jacobs runs, he gets the first down on the third. I’m shocked the Raiders were the first to use a three tight end set today. Malcolm Jenkins sack sets up 3rd and 23. They don’t have to punt. The punt was a good one, and Deonte Harris fair catches at the NO 21.

After a hold and a great Kamara run, the Saints are at midfield after 2 plays. Kamara follows his 13 yard run up with a 21 yard run. Tre’Quan Smith must love Monday nights, he has a great catch and run for 29 yards to set up at the LV 4 yard line. 1st and Goal. A scary pause, after Jon Abrams runs into the camera cart on the sideline. He looks to be ok, thankfully. After a few unsuccessful tries, Kamara runs it in from the 1. Wil Lutz makes the PAT, but a flag wipes it out. They go for 2 from 1 and convert. Illegal formation wipes that out and then back to a Wil Lutz PAT. NO 10 - LV 0.

Kickoff is returned to the 28. LV makes it past mid field after a big gain from Carr to rookie Bryan Edwards. Deep shot to Henry Ruggs was too deep, he had Janoris beat too. Trey Hendrickson and David Onyemata come through with back to back sacks to force a punt to the NO 20.

Deonte Harris dropped the 2nd and 5 pass, that was behind him and then Brees throws it too high for Jared Cook. 3 and out for the Saints.

Margus Hunt has looked good this year, this time with a good run stuff on second down after a 9 yard Josh Jacobs catch the play before. Another new Saint, Malcolm Roach, gets great backfield penetration and drops Jacobs for a loss of 2. Vegas is driving now, with a holding on Ceedy Duce followed up by a 13 yard catch to the 17 by Waller. Alec Ingold wide open for a TD catch, PAT good. NO 10 - LV 7.

Kamara with another good play, but Easton got hurt. Time for Cesar Ruiz. A good block on his first play, Latavius Murray for the first down. Easton back in. Another Tre’Quan Smith big gain, this time for 25 yards. Brees walking kind of gingerly down the field. Makes a good throw to Trautman for his first career catch and a first and goal. Jared Cook TD catch on 3rd down makes it NO 17 - LV 7.

Touchback for Wil Lutz. PJ Williams getting picked on back to back plays by Agholor and Renfrow. Demario Davis earning his paycheck with a pass deflection. Bryan Edwards brings them into the redzone after beating Lattimore 1 on 1. Demario Davis gets into the backfield immediately and stops Jacobs for a loss of 4. TD catch by Zay Jones makes it NO 17 - LV 14.

Brees throws it straight to Nicholas Morrow for an interception right before half. Vegas gets the field goal to end the half. NO 17 - LV 17.

2nd Half

Raiders start off the half with possession and the momentum. First play of the house is a pass to Ruggs broken up by Janoris. Another DPI for the Saints, Lattimore on Bryan Edwards, gets the Raiders to midfield. Waller continues to beat the defense. Jenkins having a rough night against the tight ends, now Moreau gets 1st and goal set up. Carr fumbles the snap at the 1, Raiders keep possession. 4th and goal at the 1, offense stays on the field. Waller wide open TD gives the Raiders the lead. LV 24 - NO 17.

Kamara continues to look good this game, 20 yards on the first play. Josh Hill follows it up with a 16 yard gain, but is hurt on the play. Scary fumble gets reversed by a holding call. Another hold will make it 2nd and 26. Brees with a checkdown to Kamara gets back down to the original spot, illegal blindside block makes it 2nd and 31. Terrible blindside block call. Morstead ends up punting for a fair catch at the 13.

A flag gets called and it’s not on the Saints! Waller with the first down, this is an evergreen sentence. Trey Hendrickson gets to Carr, but its called roughing. He makes up for it on the next play with a 5 yard TFL. Josh Jacobs makes it 3rd and 1, and gets stopped again by Trey. Jacobs converts on 4th down. End of the 3rd quarter. Darren Waller continues to do whatever he wants, until Janoris Jenkins actually defends him! Richard fumbles in field goal range, exactly what New Orleans needed. Brees off target to Josh Hill on 1st down. Pass dropped on 3rd and 7. Offensive holding that gets declined, it’s punting time for NO. Renfrow fair catch at the 10.

Darren Waller beats PJ Williams on first down. More gifted yards to the Raiders after a horse collar by Cam Jordan. Awesome coverage by Jenkins on Waller, first time I’ve been able to say that. Big conversion by Hunter Renfrow, but he’s hurt on the play. Jalen Richard 20 yard TD run. LV 31 - NO 17.

Saints moving down field a little easy, Harris injecting a little energy into the game. Latavius Murray gets the Saints into the redzone. Kamara gets the TD to give a sliver of hope to the Saints. LV 31 - NO 24.

Ruggs forced out at the 17 on the kick return. Josh Jacobs comes down and gets 10 yards on the first play. Janoris Jenkins with the DPI on a bad pass. That makes the comback near impossible. Gruden going for the 54 yard field goal to put the game away. Field Goal is good. LV 34 - NO 24.

Saints try some late night magic.

Here’s a Quarter by quarter breakdown of the events:

1st Quarter

  • The opening kickoff is a touchback and the Saints start with possession on the 25.
  • Saints are into the redzone after a 18 yard catch from Tre’Quan Smith.
  • Wil Lutz makes a field goal (SHOCKER)
  • NO 3 - LV 0
  • Another Wil Lutz touchback
  • Malcolm Jenkins comes through with a sack for a loss of 13, setting up 3rd and 23, of course they don’t convert.
  • Deonte Harris fair catch at the NO 21.
  • Saints moving down field fairly easily.
  • Tre’Quan smith with a great catch and run for 29 yards to set up at the LV 4 yard line.
  • Kamara 1 yard TD run, after a confusing turn of events, Wil Lutz ends up with a PAT.
  • NO 10 - LV 0
  • Kickoff returned to the 28.
  • A big gain from Edwards, was wiped out after back to back sacks by Hendrickson and Onyemata.
  • Punt to the NO 20.
  • 3 and out after an ugly drive for Brees.
  • 1st quarter comes to an end after a good first down 9 yard gain for Josh Jacobs.

2nd Quarter

  • Darren Waller drives the Raiders down the field, and sets up a 3 yard Alec Ingold TD catch.
  • NO 10 - LV 7
  • Kamara starts off the next drive with a good 16 yard run. Easton down on the play.
  • Back to back good plays to Smith and Trautman set up the Saints at 1st and goal.
  • Jared Cook TD catch.
  • NO 17 - LV 7
  • Touchback for Wil Lutz
  • PJ Williams getting builled.
  • Edwards sets them up at the 16 after beating Lattimore.
  • Zay Jones TD.
  • NO 17 - LV 14
  • Brees makes the bad throw under pressure and is intercepted by Nicholas Morrow.
  • Vegas gets the field goal before the half.
  • NO 17 - LV 17

3rd Quarter

  • Raiders start the half with possession.
  • Raiders are cruising down field.
  • Moreau gets the raiders set up at the NO 7.
  • Offense stays on for the 4th and 1 attempt.
  • Darren Waller wide open in the endzone.
  • LV 24 - NO 17
  • Sloppy drive with 3 penalties ends with a punt to the LV 13.
  • A flag on the first play.
  • Waller continues to ball. Some might call him a Baller.
  • A couple of good plays by Trey Hendrickson.
  • Josh Jacobs converts the 4th and 1, but gets up limping.

4th Quarter

  • Derek Carr fumbles potentially shifts momentum. Saints ball.
  • Quick 3 and out for the Saints however.
  • Fair catch by Renfrow at the 10.
  • What else but Darren Waller beating PJ Williams for a good gain on first down.
  • Horse collar call on Cam Jordan, more gifted yards to the Raiders.
  • Jalen Richard 20 yard TD run.
  • LV 31 - NO 17
  • Deonte Harris giving the Saints some energy.
  • Latavius Murray gets the Saints into the redzone.
  • Kamara caps the drive with a nice TD run. Quick drive.
  • LV 31 - NO 24
  • Raiders get a field goal after draining a lot of clock.
  • LV 34 - NO 24