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Saints 17 Packers 13: 2nd half game thread

And the Saints kickoff to start the second half.

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
We need our fans!
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Saints go 3 and out on the first series.

Packers drive deep into Saints territory but Aaron Rodgers is sacked for a big loss and they have to settle for a fieldgoal. 3-0 Packers.

Saints go to the ground and screen game and move the ball on a play by Alvin Kamara to the redzone. Drew completes to Kamara for the TD. Extra point is good. 7-3 Saints.

Packers pick up two quick first downs to the 48. Malcom Jenkins get a horsecollar tackle penalty that is totally bogus. Seems we are always playing two teams. The opposition and the refs. Rodgers scrambles and runs for a first down at the Saints 20. A short rush and the first quarter is over. Packers rush again for two and Carl Granderson is down on the field. Injury timeout. Saints defense holds and force another fieldgoal. 7-6 Saints.

Saints start at the 25. Taysom Hill in at QB and hands off to Kamara who goes for 2. Brees screen to Kamara loses 2. Third and ten. Brees is sacked and loses the ball. Saints recover and punt.

Saints pick up another 15 yard penalty on the punt starting the Packers at the 50. Rodgers deep to the Saints 2. 1st and goal. Malcom Jenkins backs them up to the 5. Next play results in a TD. Extra point is good. 13-7 Packers.

Saints start at the 25. Latavius Murray picks up two up the middle. Josh Hill negates a pick up by Kamara backing the Saints up 10. 2nd and 18. Kamara runs to the 20. 3rd and 15. Brees to Kamara who scramble for the 1st down. Murray rushes for 8. Murray again to the Packers 46 and a 1st down. Murray picks up 8. Another Injury timeout this time for the Packers. 2nd and 2. Murray to the 34 and a 1st down. Brees pass is batted down. Brees connect for 7. 3rd down. Taysom in . Taysom Hill to Josh Hill brings on the fieldgoal team. Will Lutz is money. 13-10 Packers. 4:28 to the half.

Packers start at the 22. Pick up 13. Rodgers goes deep incomplete. Rush for 2. Rodgers incomplete. 3rd and 8 Rodgers goes deep again incomplete and punt.

Saints ball at the 39 with the Devonte Harris return for 14 yards. Brees is sacked at the 32. 2nd and 17. Kamara with a short pick up and a holding penalty on the Packers moves the ball five yards and gives the Saints a 1st down at the 37. 2 minute warning and the half. Brees to Jared Cook for 8. Brees to Tre”Quan Smith to the 48. Incomplete. Brees to Kamara to the 44. Saints use their 1st timeout. 0:57 to the half. Brees picks up a 1st with passes to Smith and Kamara. Brees to Kamara to the Packer 17. 20 seconds left. Kamara to the 10. Andrus Peat is down forcing the Saints to use their final timeout. 12 seconds left. The cart comes out to take Peat off the field. Brees to a covered Cook incomplete. Of course no PI flag for our side. Brees to Emmanuel Sanders for the TD. Extra point is good. 17-13 Saints.