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Alvin Kamara Shines, As Saints Fall to Packers 37-30.

The Saints fall to 1-2, as the Packers pick apart the defense.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Saints try to bounce back after a Week 2 loss in Vegas, here is how that attempt played out:

1st Half

The Saints start the game with possession, and after a couple of short yardage plays, end up with a 3 and out.

Early success for the Packers, Aaron Jones moving down field well. Carl Granderson comes through with a deflected pass to possibly throw off the rhythm. The following play is a 12 YARD loss on a sack by Demario Davis to set up 3rd and 22. They get back into field goal range on a dump off to a tight end. Mason Crosby nails the long field goal. GB 3 - NO 0.

Deonte Harris fumbles the return but JT Gray immediately falls on the ball. Phew. Quick drive as Kamara takes over. Murray and AK getting a ton of love early and I’m here for it. Murray with a 10 yard run, followed with a HUGE 49 yard run by AK, back to Murray for 10 yards, then AK caps it off with an 11 yard TD catch and run. NO 7 - GB 3.

Aaron Rodgers starts off the drive with a 10 yard throw to a TE. Then Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams work together for a first down. Malcolm Jenkins tackles Jamaal Williams at the waist and it gets called a horsecollar, because of course. The Packers are running so well that even Aaron Rodgers joins the party with a 13 yard run to get into the redzone. Carl Granderson down as the 1st quarter ends. Nothing for the Packers after the scramble, Mason Crosby hits the field goal. NO 7 - GB 6.

Touchback on the kickoff. 3 and out for the Saints as just as Brees gets ready to launch it, Packers get to him for a strip sack recovered by NO.

Punt was good, but the Packers are gifted good field position after an unsportsmanlike conduct call on JT Gray. Packers immediately get a first and goal after a 48 yard bomb to Allen Lazard. Malcolm Jenkins comes up with a BIG tackle first down. Lazard wide open on the next play however, GB 13 - NO 7.

Another touchback, and another bad call on the Saints. sets up 2nd and 18. Kamara willed his way to a first down however, he’s having himself a game. The Kamara and Murray duo is killing it right now, Saints are past the 50. Adam Trautman catch sighting, 3rd and short coming up. Taysom Hill gets no gain on the screen, looks like the field goal unit is coming. 45 yarder good for Wil Lutz. GB 13 - NO 10.

Field goal is brought out but only returned to the 20. Aaron Jones is very good. First down on the first play. Demario Davis comes up with the tackle to set up 3rd and long. Another incomplete pass to MVS, Packers will punt.

Punt returned to the NO 39. Brees sacked for a loss of 7 on first down. Defensive holding gives the Saints a bailout on what would’ve been 3rd and 14. Brees might be on a roll with back to back completions to Cook and Tre’quan. Alvin Kamara is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good. 3rd and 2 with 9 seconds left, Emmanuel Sanders comes through with his first big play as a Saint. New Orleans with the touchdown to retake the lead before half, NO 17 - GB 13. END OF HALF.

2nd Half

We’re back from the half and Lazard immediately with the 72 yard gain to set up 1st and goal. The defense comes through with a good 1st-3rd and goal, but Jones finds his way for a TD on 4th down. GB 20 - NO 17.

Touchback on the kickoff. Latavius Murray having a big drive. A couple of completions here and there from Brees. Stalls once they get into the redzone however. Saints try to draw the Packers offside, but Terron Moves first. Wil Lutz comes in for the field goal, and hits it. NO 20 - GB 20

Touchback for Lutz. Green Bay driving with passes to Tonyan and MVS. Marcus Williams gets called for PI on a play that was seemingly uncatchable. Aaron Jones gets them into the redzone and a 3rd and 2. Another seemingly terrible call gifts the Packers a TD after Mercedes Lewis pushes off of Jenkins. GB 27 - NO 27.

Kickoff is returned to the 30 by Harris. Defensive holding called on Kevin King on first down. Drew Brees with a deep pass to Emmanuel Sanders! Alvin Kamara does Alvin Kamara things and brings a screen 52 yards to da HOUSE. Erik McCoy was a huge part of that as well. NO 27 - GB 27.

Touchback on the kickoff. Malcolm Jenkins with a great open field tackle on Tyler Ervin. Trey Hendrickson gets through to Aaron Rodgers to cause the throwaway. Defense causes a Packers 4th and 1 at around midfield and they go for it, Lattimore comes through with a huge tackle to stop his second chance. They call it a first down on the field, SOMEHOW, but they review it and turn it over. Saints balls.

Taysom immediately fumbles, GB ball again. Jamaal Williams gets the first down into Saints territory. Jace Sternberger is the next TE with a first down catch against the Saints D. Malcolm Jenkins comes through with a pressure to force 3rd and 7. 4th down and field goal attempt incoming. Mason Crosby puts it through GB 30 - NO 27.

Touchback to start the drive. 3 and out is not what you want to happen there, but it is what happened. Punt to the GB 36.

Jace Sternberger with a 23 yard catch on first down. Aaron Jones getting a good workload here. Demario Davis jumps offsides, and Janoris gets called for for a PI. 1st and Goal Packers. Jamaal stopped on first down. Another PI on Jenkins. 1st down. Aaron Jones called short, but it’s being reviewed. And the call is upheld. 2nd and goal again. Tonyan wide open for a TD. GB 37 - NO 27

Saints need a miracle here on Monday night. First pass is almost intercepted. Emmanuel Sanders to mid field, completions back to back to Kamara and Trautman. Completion to the middle of the field to TQS. TQS now with a 19 yard catch. Wil Lutz comes on to try a field goal to give the Saints a chance. Onside kick incoming. GB 37 - NO 30.

Onside kick no good. Game.

Here’s a Quarter by quarter breakdown of the events:

1st Quarter

  • Saints start off with possession.
  • 3 and out after a couple of short gains.
  • Punt by Morstead pushes the Packers to the 31.
  • Aaron Jones coming through for the Packers both in the air and on the ground to set them up in good field position.
  • Carl Granderson swat followed up by a Demario Davis sack.
  • Packers settle for field goal.
  • GB 3 - NO 0
  • Disaster averted on the kickoff after JT Gray immediately recovers a Deonte Harris fumble.
  • 49 yard run for Kamara sets up the Saints in the redzone.
  • 11 yard TD catch for AK.
  • NO 7 - GB 3
  • Kickoff is a touchback by Wil Lutz
  • GB set up with good field position, after a horrible horse collar call on Malcolm Jenkins. But the RBs of GB are bullying and wearing down this front.
  • GB set up in the redzone after a big scramble from Rodgers.

2nd Quarter

  • Mason Crosby hits his 2nd field goal of the night.
  • NO 7 - GB 6
  • Kickoff is a touchback.
  • 3 and out for the Saints.
  • Punt was to the GB 35, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will give them 15 free yards.
  • First play is a DEEP 48 yard pass beating Marshon Lattimore.
  • Lazard wide open on 2nd down.
  • GB 13 - NO 7
  • Another touchback.
  • Kamara rescues the Saints from a really bad situation on 3rd and 15.
  • Saints past the 50.
  • Not much more for the Saints, as Wil Lutz gets the nod for the field goal.
  • GB 13 - NO 10
  • Kickoff returned to the 20.
  • The Saints get a very good drive from Brees, along with the usually greatness from Kamara
  • Emmanuel Sanders comes through! First TD as a Saint.
  • NO 17 - GB 13

3rd Quarter

  • Back from the half Lazard immediately torches the secondary for 72 yards.
  • Jones wiggles through on 4th and goal.
  • GB 20 - NO 17
  • Touchback on the kickoff
  • Saints get into the redzone with a healthy mix of passes and Latavius Murray
  • Wil Lutz field goal ties it.
  • NO 20 - GB 20
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before, touchback for Wil Lutz.
  • Green Bay offense seems to be doing whatever they want as they get to midfield.
  • Bad PI call on Marcus Williams sets them right outside the redzone.
  • Bad PI no call gets Mercedes Lewis a TD.
  • GB 27 - NO 20
  • Kickoff returned to the 30.
  • Emmanuel Sanders involved again.
  • ALVIN KAMARA, the best RB in the league, brings it 52 yards for a TD!
  • NO 27 - GB 27
  • Touchback on the kickoff
  • 4th Quarter
  • Tonyan gets another first down catch.
  • Saints force a 4th and 1 near midfield.
  • After a terrible initial spot, the Saints get the fourth down stop.
  • Saints ball in GB territory.
  • And Taysom immediately fumbles.
  • Jamaal Williams first down into Saints territory.
  • Malcolm Jenkins forces a 3rd and 7, and then the D stops a TE before a first down.
  • Mason Crosby gives the Packers the lead.
  • GB 30 - NO 27
  • Touchback to start the drive.
  • 3 and out for the Saints.
  • Punt to the GB 36.
  • Aaron Jones and PIs drive the Packers downfield.
  • Tonyan wide open for a TD on 2nd and goal.
  • GB 37 - NO 27
  • Drew Brees does his usual thing and drives down the field with 2 minutes left.
  • Saints go with a field goal to give them a hail mary chance if they recover the onside.
  • Wil Lutz good for 3.
  • GB 37 - NO 30
  • Onside no good.



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