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CSC Staff Week 4 picks: Falcons freefall, faith in Foles fickle

Could the Falcons upset the Packers Monday night? Sure. Will it happen? Probably not.

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Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

With the 2020 NFL season now entering Week 4, we’re continuing our new weekly bit where some of the staff here at Canal Street Chronicles tries to pick winners and losers for every NFL game each week.

In Week 3, there were plenty of upsets and surprises across the league, but at least one thing is consistent: the Atlanta Falcons will blow 4th quarter leads. Only some of the CSC staff had faith in the Falcons to “Falcon” last week, but no one is making that mistake in Week 4, as the Green Bay Packers over the Falcons is one of numerous unanimous picks for this week’s slate.

Here are our live-updating picks:

We have another guest making picks with us this week, and this time it’s none other than New Orleans Saints beat writer, Jeff Duncan, of The Athletic. Here are Jeff’s picks:

Jets, Colts, Saints, Cardinals, Jaguars, Cowboys, Texans, Dolphins, Buccaneers, Titans, Ravens, Rams, Chiefs, Raiders, 49ers, and Packers

Here’s how past guests have done:

  • Former Saints cornerback Delvin Breaux, Week 1: 12-4 (.750)
  • Former Saints General Manager Randy Mueller, Week 2: 13-3 (.813)
  • True Blood actress Kristin Bauer, Week 3: 7-8-1 (.467)

Check back next week as we continue our weekly selections. Special shoutout to The Athletic’s Jeff Duncan for joining us this week. Jeff has a new book out called Payton and Brees: The Men Who Built the Greatest Offense in NFL History, and it’s available for purchase on Amazon and direct from Triumph Books.

In Payton and Brees, The Athletic’s Jeff Duncan explores how the unlikely tandem of a cast-off quarterback and a rookie head coach came together to revolutionize professional football and reshape the identity of the New Orleans Saints. Becoming the winningest coach in franchise history and the NFL’s record holder for passing yards, not to mention Super Bowl champions, wasn’t earned by talent alone. Duncan shares the inside story of how Sean Payton’s coaching philosophy and Drew Brees’ unparalleled work ethic turned a pair of underdogs into a perennial powerhouse, led by an innovative offense that changed football forever.

The book comes with a forward from New Orleans Saints legend Steve Gleason, so you should buy it if only for that.

Also, thanks to Tallysight for helping keep track with all of our picks each week and offering this super awesome graphic.

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