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Overreactions from Saints Wild Card victory over the Bears

The New Orleans Saints beat the Chicago Bears in the Wild Card round. There are plenty of overreactions, get them here.

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints won their first-round playoff game on Sunday, something that skeptics did not think was possible. They did not do it in a dominating fashion, as fans would have hoped. But, they won by playing sound football on the defensive side of the ball, and the offense did just enough in the second half of the game to help put an emphasis on the win.

Naturally, this win has tons of overreactions. Not only was it a playoff game for the Saints, but they were playing the lowest seed in the Bears. This obviously makes for some juicy overreactions from fans (and CSC writers alike) and we can’t wait to get to them.

Without further delay, here we go!

Deonte Harris is now the Saints most dynamic weapon

Okay, so admittedly, I took this one verbatim from our very own Hayden Reel. Kick returner/receiver Deonte Harris had a phenomenal evening when he was targeted seven times, caught all seven passes and had 83 yards on those seven catches. All offseason the entire narrative was that Harris was going to be a huge part of this Saints offense, but due to injury we have not seen much of it.

Harris returned from injury after missing six weeks and he did not miss a beat. In fact, he made his presence well known, something the Bears certainly were not expecting. Hell, it wasn’t something that Saints fans were expecting, but were happy for it, in the playoffs no less. But, is he now the most dynamic player on the New Orleans offense...? I don’t know.

Harris now opens up a multitude of possibilities. His speed, as evidenced by his wide open streak down the field that resulted in a, wait for it... Taysom Hill fumble, proves he has a huge playmaking ability. Harris had six targets in 2019, and in six of the nine games he has played in this season he has had three or less targets, with most only being a single target. During the Bears game he had seven targets, much like a WR1 (thanks Maddy).

Is he the most dynamic weapon on the New Orleans offense? No. However, he was on Sunday, that being said, he was the flavor of the week for head coach Sean Payton. Could it be that Payton that was already playing everything close to the chest and allowing Thomas and other key players to get back in the mix?

In the end, Payton is ready for Tampa Bay, but Harris will likely not be part of the offensive plan moving forward, at least not in the capacity we saw him on Sunday. If I am wrong, you can send all hate mail to my email. I will gladly accept everything, it is only fair.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson is a Saints Hall of Famer

Wow, CJGJ is capable of sending guys off all on his own. His ability to taunt is unlike any other in the league, and he has the Bears’ numbers. But, his taunting goes far beyond ejections. He is an excellent safety who can play the slot and in coverage, which annoys opponents. He is graded by Pro Football Focus above his position at 60.5, but his smack talk has been rated by CSC at 99.5.

The overreaction we have seen is that he is an instant Saints Hall of Famer. That honor includes Will Smith, Marques Colston and Reggie Bush, an honor that is earned, not given. Now, someone who has proven he can play at an above average level has been put in the conversation because he has smack talked at an above average level.

CJGJ will need to help this team to a Super Bowl victory, not a rap battle victory if he hopes to reach the annals of the New Orleans franchise. He is well on his way, but some additional play and less talk may help him in his endeavor. The sophomore still has a lot to improve on in his coverage skills, but less so on his smack talking skills. An instant Hall of Famer for the franchise seems to be a bit of an overreaction going forward.

If the safety can settle down and settle into his play, he could become a mainstay for seasons to come. Until then, his presence, and ability to be a coveted franchise Hall of Famer, are merely over-rated.

Taysom Hill only knows how to fumble

If there is one person who knows how to fumble the football on the Saints offense it is Swiss Army Knife Taysom Hill. The quarterback/running back/tight end/special teams savant has fumbled 11 times this season, and once again against the Bears.

While Hill’s fumbles usually cost the team as a whole, this one cost the offense a huge shot down field and a touchdown. Naturally, Hill was hit by a lineman and he fumbled the ball and turned it over. Hill has had incredible trouble trying to protect the football this season no matter how hard New Orleans has tried to increase his trade value by starting him at quarterback.

Now, the idea is to prove that Hill can be a quarterback in the NFL playoffs. But, there is one little thing in his way: timing. Harris was able to break away from his defender downfield for a massive gain, but Hill was uncomfortable launching downfield on the break, something every NFL quarterback knows how to do. As a result, Hill hesitated and then launched the ball far too late resulting in a fumble. Zero excuse for the “heir apparent” of Drew Brees.

So, does the statement that Hill only knows how to fumble an overreaction? Probably not upon further review. He finds a new way every single week.

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