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Saints 16 Panthers 7: Second half game thread

Happy New Year everyone, let’s take care of business!

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints win the toss and defer. The Carolina Panthers start at the 25. Ist pass incomplete. The run is tackled for a loss. 3rd and 12. Teddy Bridgewater is sacked by Trey Hendrickson. Panthers punt.

Tommylee Lewis fields the punt at the 50 and returns to the Panthers 42. Drew Brees completes to Emmanuel Sanders for the 1st down. Ty Montgomery rushes for 9. Tony Jones Jr. picks up the 1st down with his first NFL carry. Taysom Hill at QB runs for 4. Ryan Ramzcyk is flagged for a false start. Trautman gets the penalty yards back. Brees to Taysom just short of the 1st. Saints go for it and Taysom Hill picks up the 1st with the QB sneak. Brees connects with Jared Cook for the touchdown. Will Lutz kicks the extra point. 7-0 Saints.

Panthers start at the 25. The handoff is fumbled and Bridgewater falls on it. 2nd and 15. With time running out the Panthers are forced to take their first timeout. Encroachment makes it 2nd and 10. Bridgewater completes for 4. 3rd and 6. Bridgewater’s pass is batted away by Cameron Jordan. Panthers punt after their second 3 and out.

Lewis fair catches at the 20. On the end around Lewis slips and loses a couple. Brees to Cook for 7. 3rd and 5. Brees is sacked and the ball is fumbled out of bounds Saints punt.

Panthers ball at their 36. Bridgewater dumps off for a one yard loss. Complete to Curtis Samuel for 8. 3rd and 8. PI gives the 1st. Complete to D.J. Moore for the 1st at the Saints 37. Panthers rush for 4. Samuel catches it at the 8. 1st and goal. Bridgewater keeps and runs to the 1. The Panthers run it in. Extra point is good. 7 all.

Saints start at the 25. Brees’ pass is batted away. That should have ben an interception. Jones Jr. rushes for 4. 3rd and 6. Brees is sacked again. Safety had a free shot. Saints punt.

Panthers return to the 46. Bridgewater completes for 9. Rush for no gain. 3rd and 1. Pass is incomplete. 4th down. Panthers go for it and pick up the 1st. Complete for 8. Janoris Jenkins drops the pick 6. 3rd and 2. Tommy Stevens in at QB and he runs for the 1st. Teddy throw in the endzone but the receiver can’t make the catch. The incompletion is being challenged. Bad challenge and a waste of a timeout. Bridgewater completes for 12 more. Bridgewater is intercepted by Malcom Jenkins who returns it 47 yards from the endzone.

Saints ball at their 46. Jones Jr. rushes for 6. Ty Montgomery gets the carry, slips down get back up and picks up a yard. Brees pitches to Montgomery who runs to the 11. Montgomery rushes for 3. Brees to Sanders for the touchdown. Extra point is no good. 13-7 Saints.

Panthers start at the 25. The handoff is fumbled again and they lose a couple. Bridgewater completes to the Saints 44. Tommy Stevens runs for 5. Cheap man’s Taysom Hill. Completion to the 25 is called back by penalty. Under pressure Bridgewater is forced to throw it away. 3rd and 10. Samuel catches it just short of the 1st. 4th and 1. Panthers appear to be going for it and take a timeout. Smith rushes for 5 and the 1st at the 30. Smith picks up 6 more. Incomplete. 3rd and 4. Complete 1 yard short. 4th down. Saints take a timeout as it appears the Panthers are going for it again. Panthers are denied.

Saints ball at their 22. Brees to Sanders for 5. Brees to Sanders for 5 more and the 1st. 2 minute warning. Brees to Sanders for 9. Brees to Cook to the 49. Brees to Cook again for another 1st at the 41. Brees to LIL Jordan Humphrey for another 1st down. Connect with Sanders for 9. Incomplete. 3rd and 1. 10 seconds left to halftime. Brees incomplete. Saints kick the fieldgoal. 16-7. Halftime.