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Saints picked to beat Bears in Wild Card by Nickelodeon in first ever broadcast on network

The New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears will be the first in a one-of-a-kind broadcast on Nickelodeon. And both Nickelodeon stars picked the Saints to win.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The NFL has started a new initiative to get younger children involved in the game and the league. One part of the initiative is to broadcast games simultaneously on Nickelodeon, and the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears Wild Card matchup on Sunday will be the first.

The Nickelodeon broadcast will be simultaneously cast with the CBS broadcast and will feature Gabrielle Nevaeh Green and Lex Lumpkin of Nickelodeon’s All That TV show. Green will be in the booth with Nate Burleson and Noah Eagles, meanwhile, Lumpkin will be an on-field reporter, but will take on an untraditional role in what the network is calling “Nickified.”

Of note, Green will become the first female to work a CBS NFL football booth during the playoffs. Not only is she just 15-years-old, but she is setting an example for the young women aspiring to be in her position.

When Canal Street Chronicles asked Green what this accomplishment meant to her, she had a very humble answer:

It means the world. I am so honored that I can show little girls that look like me that they can do anything. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve. It is a true honor, and I am truly blessed to be the first.”

On the other hand, Lumpkin will be on the field in a reporters role, but naturally it will have a Nickelodeon look to it. We asked Lumpkin what that means and what we could expect from him on the sidelines:

Everything about this program will have Nick elements all throughout. You can expect me to bring my energy to it and reporting and giving you the inside scoop on what’s happening.”

Obviously both of these Nickelodeon stars have their favorite football teams with Green pulling for the Los Angeles Rams and Lumpkin being a life-long fan of the Indianapolis Colts. However, when pressed, both agreed that the Saints had the clear advantage in this game and both expect New Orleans to come out on top. Lumpkin specifically cited the Saints depth as to why New Orleans has the best shot of the two teams to make it to the Divisional Round.

The NFL and Nickelodeon partnership only seems to be ramping up, and more broadcasts are expected in the future. Both Green and Lumpkin lauded the initiative and both agreed that they would love to continue having a part in it for seasons to come. This one of a kind broadcast is a great opportunity for younger kids to watch the game with their parents and get into the game of football.

While this is a true broadcast of the game, Burleson and Eagles will be sure to help break down the basics for young kids to better understand what it going on. Meanwhile, all the elements that kids love about Nickelodeon will be present throughout the game. Be sure to tune into this one-of-a-kind broadcast!

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