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You have a chance to own a piece of New Orleans Saints history!

Wouldn’t it be cool to own something worn in postseason run?

The New Orleans Saints are set to host the Chicago Bears this Wild Card Sunday for the first round of the 2021 NFL Playoffs.

While the Saints are only expected to allow approximately 3,000 fans in the Superdome and you might not be able to own in-person memories of the game, you may still have a unique opportunity to own a physical piece of memorabilia for the game.

The New Orleans Saints have partnered with I Got It, to host real-time auctions exclusively in the Official New Orleans Saints app where you can bid and win memorabilia signed, worn, or used by the New Orleans Saints. This will include pieces worn in what could very well be the last postseason run of Drew Brees’s career.

We’ve covered New Orleans Saints gift ideas, and even some of the most random pieces of Saints memorabilia available for sale on eBay, but wouldn’t it be cool to own your very own piece of Saints swag? That’s exactly what you can do in the New Orleans Saints app thanks to I Got It.

The best thing about these auctions is that they include the opportunities to own one-of-a-kind pieces that will never be available anywhere else. Anyone could buy a Saints jersey signed by Michael Thomas, but only through I Got It could you potentially build on the signed jersey Michael Thomas wore in the exact game you were watching. You could find an Alvin Kamara signed mini helmet anywhere - but through I Got It you could find the helmet Alvin Kamara wore in the game you saw on your television just days earlier.

About I GOT ITI Got It is a technology company devoted to providing best-in-class software solutions to help partners increase fan engagement and drive revenue, through its unique and patented auction platform. I Got It has multi-year partnerships with the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Milwaukee Bucks and is working with prospective team franchises across multiple professional sports leagues, as well as with athletes directly. While I Got It can deliver it’s technology as a standalone app or as a white label solution, its primary offering is an integrated feature, bringing the action to existing users of the respective team apps. For more information and updates on SAINTS AUCTIONS download the SAINTS Team app, and follow us on social media: @igotitauction for IG, FB and TW.

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