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CSC Staff Picks for Wild Card weekend - Saints picked to advance

Here are our staff picks for the first round of playoff football.

Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The 2020 postseason is finally upon us.

With only one team in each conference receiving a first round bye, the #2 seed New Orleans Saints play this Sunday on wild card weekend, hosting the #7 seed Chicago Bears. The CSC staff unanimously predicts the Saints to advance to the divisional round this week, but other games are far from a consensus.

Only the Buffalo Bills, the AFC’s #2 seed, is unanimously predicted to advance, in their game against the #7 seed Indianapolis Colts.

Every other game has at least one member of the CSC staff breaking a unanimous consensus.

Here are our live-updating picks:

Thanks to Tallysight for helping keep track with all of our picks each week and offering this super awesome graphic.

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