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[WATCH] Breaking down Jameis Winston’s “controversial” touchdown pass to Marquez Callaway (skit)

Time to end this debate once and for all

Part of the the roller coaster ride that is having Jameis Winston as your starting quarterback is that even his positive plays are dissected with a fine tooth comb.

Take last Sunday’s game versus the New England Patriots for instance. Jameis threw a touchdown pass to Marquez Callaway that, had Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers made that throw, social media would have broken and all the media and pundits would declare either as the greatest QB of all time.

But because it’s Jameis, it’s a play that is deemed awesome by one side and atrocious by the other side. I guess when you throw 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in a single season, you open yourself up for this kind of conflict.

But I grew tired of the constant debate about Jameis’ pass. Was Sean Payton mad at the throw... Was it a good throw... Was it a throw that shows why Jameis never can be the guy... blah blah blah. I bet many didn’t know this, but I am an elite game film analyst. I simply choose to do skits and satire instead because... yeah.

But I decided to hush the debate about Jameis’ “controversial” touchdown pass once and for all and break down the play.

Note: This video contains NSFW language!

God’s Plan.

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