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Important quotes after the game include lots of talk about the Hail Mary

They practice it, and it worked.

New Orleans Saints v Washington Football Team Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Sean Payton

On the win generally:

“It was a hard-fought win. We had a couple things happen early on. I’m not even talking about plays. But players get hurt that changed a little bit with the flow of the game, and I thought our other guys responded well.”

On the increased pass attempts for Jameis Winston”

“I don’t know if you were watching much, but they were playing a lot of five defensive linemen fronts, which is unusual. So, there are a handful of runs but it becomes problematic. There’s a lot of single safety, five-man rush. You know, similar from what we saw from the Bears in Chicago last year. We knew we would have to get to some ball-out throws, but also some high percentage throws. So, we carried a number of what we call “five rush beaters.” But we knew it would be a way for them to try to minimalize our rushing.”

On Blake Gillikin:

“He was outstanding. He was outstanding. Outstanding. Just got a game ball. One of the things we felt like in the first half, not so much the ball, the second half we played a lot of football on their end of the field. And generally speaking, I talk about that all the time, but what happens is when a mistake is made, it’s compounded, and that happened in the second half. But he was outstanding.”

On the Hail Mary to end the first half:

“I would say it was significant. Let me give you a story. So, none of you were here, maybe a few of you. What’s Jennifer Nettles in, what band? They hadn’t made their way yet; we’re playing in Atlanta. End of the half, (Former Saints wide receiver) Terrance Copper comes down with the play. Sugarland. So, back then Sugarland was just getting a regular season halftime song. You follow me? That was in the old Atlanta stadium. Just a halftime song. Just a Sunday game. Years later, she said, ‘You want to talk about a tough crowd. Now, when you come out after someone completes a Hail Mary against your team and then: ‘Please welcome, Sugarland.’’ So, I thought about that if there was any halftime entertainment, that’s a tough spot to be in. But, a good play, good throw. Part of a Hail Mary is giving ourselves a chance. We did it. Our landmarks were good. Marquez [Callaway] found it. Listen, those things come up. We practice them. I think that was pretty significant. Obviously, when you have something like that happen to you it changes the momentum.”

Jameis Winston

On how it felt to win after last week’s loss to the Giants:

“They made some plays, especially the big ones, identifying the open holes in the defense. The biggest thing for us was, we can survive those plays. It’s the plays in between, the missed tackles, not eliminating the catches that allowed them to move the ball, in time where we felt we could get them off the field. Obviously, we come into every game wanting to eliminate big plays, understanding that we make it very hard on a lot of teams.”

On his pass’s landing spot on the Hail Mary:

“Oh yeah, that was the spot that we practiced on. Callaway made an amazing play, but on plays like that all the glory – period – all the glory belongs to God, period. Man, that was awesome to get some momentum to head into the half.”

On his mindset before launching the Hail Mary:

“Give your guy a chance, that’s the big thing. Give your guy a chance and that’s it.”

Marquez Callaway

On the Hail Mary:

“Well, in practice we just run down there and then we look as soon as we get there and then Sean was yelling at us, talking about how when you run a Hail Mary you’ve got to look while you’re running to track it because we were going to have better position and that’s what happened. Just tracking the ball and attacking it.”

On when he realized the Hail Mary was headed his way:

“When I realized it I was down there. I got there before our guys got there, so that’s when I just figured, but running down there by the time I looked back, the ball was in the air and after seeing everybody and where they were it was clear. I was the first one down there to jump and everyone else just plays off you.”

Marshon Lattimore

On getting the win:

“We know what we gotta do out here. We couldn’t just make the same mistakes we made last week. Making errors when we know we shouldn’t make them, that’s it. Other than that, we knew what we could do”

On limiting Washington to 2 touchdowns in 6 redzone trips:

“Three not seven. That’s the goal, getting three not seven. That’s good on our part.”

On lining up against Terry McLaurin:

“Oh definitely, I wanted Terry. I wanted to go against him. He’s one of the best in the league. You know, he’s my brother from Ohio State so it’s all love at the end of the day. We’re just out there being competitive.”

Blake Gillikin

On getting a game ball:

“It meant a lot. I try to show up every week and do my job for the team. I’d love to not punt at all, because that means we’re doing well. But to have that kind of game and also get a win is great.”

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