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CSC’s fantasy league recap: Week 5

Lamar Jackson for President

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

This is the Falcons Fault-Hayden Reel: 128.88 (1-4)


Team Two First Place-Brian Pavek: 123.68 (3-2)

Lamar Jackson’s record breaking effort on Monday Night Football earns me my first win in dramatic fashion. Was down 120.68-87 going into MNF, and would have lost if the game did not go to overtime. All three Falcons were benched this week so of course I had to win, and at least I still have Saquon Bark... oh wait.

CeeDeez Lutz-Greg Layfield: 114.1 (3-2)


Team Sanders-Dylan Sanders: 97.98 (3-2)

Jonathan Taylor also had a monster game on Monday Night Football, but another high scoring performance from CeeDeez Lutz proved too much to overcome.

Bishop Sycamore Centurions-Andrew Bell: 115.52 (3-2)


Team Ertle-Brenden Ertle: 113.26 (2-3)

Team Ertle’s Sunday Night comeback fell just short, as they entered the game down 34 points with three players left and managed to only get 31.8. Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s injury was the final nail in the coffin. The Swift Chubb combo from Andrew is looking as strong as ever.

Team Dunnells-Chris Dunnells: 111.62 (3-2)


Ask the Cook-Chris Conner: 105.54 (2-3)

Guess which one of these teams started Daniel Jones and which one started Tom Brady. Dunz had three guys combine for 80.2 of his 111.62 points.

Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 131.3 (5-0)


You Winston You Lose Some-Ross Jackson: 100.02 (1-4)

For every week Ross doesn’t set his lineup I move closer to putting Tim Tebow as his starting tight end. Impressive 5-0 start for Mr. Chow, but will now need to find bye coverage for top pick Alvin Kamara, but with a two game lead over the rest of the league it may not matter.

Green Bay LiveLaughLove-Kevin Skiver: 119.66 (3-2)


Instant Kamara-Nic Jennings: 91.36 (1-4)

Mark Andrews monster MNF gave Instant Kamara enough points to look respectable, but not enough for the win. Who could have predicted a D/ST scoring 15 points against Kansas City as the Bills did for Kevin? 28.3 point margin of victory, not sure if that means anything.

Highest Scoring Team: Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 131.3 (2)

Lowest Scoring Team: Instant Kamara-Nic Jennings: 91.36 (1)

Largest Margin of Victory: Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 31.28 points (2)

This Weeks MVP: Lamar Jackson, This is the Falcons Fault (41.88 points) (1)

This Weeks LVP: Adam Thielen, Ask the Cook (5 points) (1)

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