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Cameron Jordan talks BodyArmor, career highlights, and more

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan sits down with us to talk his partnership with BodyArmor, and more.

New York Giants v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

In participation with BodyArmor SuperDrink, Canal Street Chronicles recently had the pleasure of sitting down with New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan. Cam certainly needs no introduction. However, if you have been living under a rock only to come out from hiding and read this as your first action, he is currently in his eleventh season as a defensive end for the New Orleans Saints. With the Saints, Jordan has made three All-Pro teams, six Pro Bowls, and was named to the NFL’s All-Decade Team.

So first of all, as someone who drinks and subsequently has to buy a lot of BodyArmor, I’m extremely jealous that you get to partner with them. How long have you known about the drink?

Man, think I’ve known BodyArmor for as long as I can remember. It’s athletes have always been iconic. Kobe Bryant of course, and I think the next face of the company I remember after that was James Harden. You just always see a great team of athletes associated with it.

What came first, Cam Jordan the customer or Cam Jordan the partner?

I got hooked on it before I even had a connection with BodyArmor. The coconut water, the fact that you can feel the electrolytes, the healthier aspect of it. It’s true to it’s name as Super Hydration. So I started pushing BodyArmor on people before I had any actual partnership with them. I met these guys, had a great connection with them, ended up with a local partnership since.

What do you feel that you’ve gained from your relationship with them?

I think this is what, year three or four? Whatever it is, it’s been a great partnership where they’ve backed everything I’ve wanted to do. Whether it be my football camps or anything. It’s been a phenomenal partnership for myself.

Outside of your partnership with BodyArmor, you’ve also had this football thing going for a few years too. Let’s go way back, what are some of your favorite early football moments?

Man, there’s just been so many. Whether it be in high school, whatever team we were playing I had two and a half sacks in a playoff game. I was completely feeling myself. My dad was the tight end coach at the time, he was trying to give me pointers. I was like, Dad, trust me I got this on lock. The next series I went out and had another sack. It’s moments like that you always remember. And then, of course, there’s college. I’m from Phoenix. Well, I’m from Chandler which is right outside of Phoenix. End up going to University of California at Berkeley. We play Arizona State, at Arizona State my freshman year and I end up getting a fumble recovery for a touchdown. That’s a moment I’ll never forget.

What about the process of getting drafted?

I mean, the most standout thing of my career would be getting drafted haha. Going to New York, being able to be drafted by the New Orleans Saints. Visiting with these teams before the draft, thinking I gonna be a top 15 pick. I remember laughing with Bill Johnson, the defensive line coach at the time, just laughing like why are we even in this. ‘Cause we both just knew I wasn’t gonna be around at 24. Of course, then, there I was sitting there at 24 hahaha.

And once you got here, there’s been plenty more great moments too.

There’s always these highlight moments every year. You know, my first sack. Game 16, Cam Newton. My first multiple sack game, three sack game, against Michael Vick. Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick, I’m gonna throw that asterisk out there. I’m just not old enough to have played against the Atlanta Falcons Mike Vick. But to go against somebody who you used to play with not only on NCAA but also Madden. That was a surreal game for me, looking back at it. That really happened, I sacked Mike Vick. I mean boys really used to rock the Mike Vick shoes. Mike Vick brought swag to the game when it was a straight and narrow quarterback position. Then there’s games when you get a little bit of everything. We played at home against Detroit, against Matt Stafford. It was one of those like two sacks, like three batted balls, interception for a touchdown, four or five tackles. It was just a little bit of everything, like padding all the stats.

Well one thing all Saints fans will remember, is all of your games against Atlanta.

That four sack night on the Thanksgiving against Atlanta. I said there’s always games you’re gonna remember, and that might be my most favorite one. ‘Cause one it’s against the Dirty Birds, two it was on Thanksgiving, and three it was just completely disrespectful. You know, we beat em, I had four sacks. I think that last sack was like one of the game finishers. Then you know I’m eating a dry Atlanta turkey leg on the Atlanta field. You gotta love it.

That was so much fun. I mean, that was so much fun to watch, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the one sacking Matt Ryan. Before we go, I wanted to get into a little bit of who Cam Jordan is off the field. One of my favorite things scrolling through Twitter the past couple of years has been your love of anime. What’s your anime Mount Rushmore?

OOOOOOOOOOO. That’ll be a hot take right there. See, Mount Rushmore. We have to start off at the very beginning of this. Back in like Saturday cartoon mode. Long before I had anime I had Saturday cartoons which then turned into anime. My brother was a huge Gundam Wing fan, so of course, I’m two and a half years younger than him and you look up to your brother. So you sort of do all the things he does. So I’m watching that, Evangelion too. I’ve now learned that I’m here for hands, I could care less about the stories. If there’s not enough action I will skip it, it’s not worth it for me haha. I would say YuYu Hakusho is fire. It’s probably still fire to this day if I run it back.

Oh, it is.

See? Yeah. Dragon Ball Z, only reason I don’t mention Dragon Ball GT is because they say it’s not canon. I’m like, fine, whatever, but it was fire. I still haven’t gotten to Super, so you know it’s Dragon Ball Z. Man. Mount Rushmore, I can’t really get it down to that. I used to love Shaman King, that used to be my go to when I was a kid. Man. Dang, I guess Pokémon is anime isn’t it?

Yea, I think it qualifies.

See, I didn’t watch it subbed, and if I don’t watch it subbed I don’t really consider it anime. You know, the meanings been crossed over languages and it’s dubbed over now. Words aren’t even matching up with the movements. Anyway, that’s a different discussion. Let’s go to adult me, I’ve given you three kids shows haha. Man, I absolutely loved the first two seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. That’s strong. Now, as it gets more, like weird it gets too far away from fighting. I just wanted hands. BAKI is up there for me. Oh! Hunter x Hunter, It’s a go to. Facts.

Great choices, I’m sure some people will be happy, some people will be livid haha. I love that anime is now cool to like.

Mannnnnn, I hate that anime is now cool to like!


You used to like watch your anime and chill, and now everyone’s just too gung-ho about it. Oh, and I guess I messed up on my list. I’d say Naruto, but I never got into the anime. I was so deep into the manga. If I read something, I don’t watch it. That’s just how it goes. I read all the Harry Potter books so I didn’t watch the movies. I read all of Naruto, so I never caught the actual like TV show.

So as we wrap up, before people angrily tweet at you, what flavor of BodyArmor should they snag to replenish all of the electrolytes they’ll need for their twitter fingers.

I would say Orange Clementine or Peach Mango.

Those are my two favorite flavors, actually.

Mannn. Well, my son would say Gold Berry. Get it fresh out the fridge, get it chilled. It’s special.

Well, thank you so much for taking the time with us Cam. It was a blast.

Absolutely bro. We just gotta win a Super Bowl, then we’ll all be happy. But til then? Who dat.

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