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NFL Picks Week 8: Halloween Thrills

Week 7 had some scary good games with spectacularly maniacal finishes. Now we dive into all of the upcoming action in Week 8 this Halloween.

Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

This Halloween the New Orleans Saints host their NFC South rivals the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Caesars Superdome. The Saints dominated the Bucs (and the rest of the NFC South for that matter) in the regular season last year, but the third and final meeting came in the playoffs, and that game was far more trick than treat.

Now the Saints have an opportunity to put another loss on Tampa’s record, bringing the Saints closer to where they've found themselves over the past four seasons, atop the NFC South. The Saints will be heavy underdogs, but with a rabid home crowd behind them on Halloween, there may be some serious thrills in store for the Superdome crowd.

Lets take a look at this and all of the matchups and the lines from our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook near the halfway point of the season this Halloween Sunday!

Last week I went 9-4

I told you so: Falcons over Dolphins!

What do I know: Panthers over Giants?



Thursday, October 29th - Thursday Night Football

Packers(6-1) at Cardinals(7-0)

Far too much pressure is being placed on this game to be some Thursday Night epic, and even a Game of the Year candidate before it has even kicked off. It won't be that. Green Bay’s offense comes in missing too many pass-catching threats (like a certain team) to keep up with Arizona’s high-octane attack in the desert. Arizona wins 28-14.

Pick: Cardinals


Sunday, October 31st - Early Games

Bengals(5-2) at Jets(1-5)

Joe Flacco and the horrifying Jets offense couldn't possibly hope to keep up with Joe Burrow and the Cincy attack. Cincinnati wins 36-3.

Pick: Bengals


Titans(5-2) at Colts(3-4)

The difference in this one is easy, it’s Derrick Henry, who will have a monster game in Indy. Tennessee wins 35-21.

Pick: Titans


Rams(6-1) at Texans(1-6)

Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp will carve the Texans up like a Jack ‘O Lantern in this hideous game. Los Angeles wins 35-7.

Pick: Rams


Steelers(3-3) at Browns(4-3)

This AFC North rivalry matchup will come down to the Cleveland rushing attack, which will get the best of Pittsburgh. Cleveland wins 32-26.

Pick: Browns


Eagles(2-5) at Lions(0-7)

Philly wins this one by keeping the game on the ground with their rushing attack. Philadelphia wins 30-20.

Pick: Eagles


49ers(2-4) at Bears(3-4)

San Francisco’s frightful season gets even worse with a pitiful effort in the Windy City. Chicago wins 14-12.

Pick: Bears


Panthers(3-4) at Falcons(3-3)

A late game-winning field goal will be the difference for Atlanta, as they kick Carolina down the ladder into the NFC South basement. Atlanta wins 21-20.

Pick: Falcons


Dolphins(1-6) at Bills(4-2)

Miami’s offense will be a helpless victim against the Buffalo defense. On the other side, the Buffalo offense will have their way with the frighteningly bad Miami defense. Buffalo wins 42-27.

Pick: Bills


Sunday, October 31st - Late Games

Patriots(3-4) at Chargers(4-2)

Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles passing attack will be the key to this big Chargers victory at home. Los Angeles wins 35-14.

Pick: Chargers


Jaguars(1-5) at Seahawks(2-5)

Trevor Lawrence will have his best day as a pro, lighting up the skies against this hauntingly bad Seattle defense, but the Seahawks will come through for the victory in the end. Seattle wins 29-24.

Pick: Seahawks


Washington FT(2-5) at Broncos(3-4)

Washington’s defense won't be able to hold off Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos in the end. Denver wins 28-24.

Pick: Broncos


Buccaneers(6-1) at Saints(4-2) - Game of the Week

The last time the Saints were this much of an unanimous underdog, they were about to face the Packers and “the great” Aaron Rodgers in Week 1 of this season, and well, we all know how that went. Tampa is good, very good, but by no means are they some unstoppable juggernaut that will trample the Saints. When the Saints are highly motivated, much like they were against the Pack, they can beat any team put against them. This game will provide all the motivation the Saints could possibly ask for. This will be a close one, and a very good one. We’ll see tricks for the Bucs, and treats for the Saints when it’s all said and done. Saints win 27-24.

Pick: Saints


Sunday Night Football

Cowboys(5-1) at Vikings(3-3)

This game will be closer than most will think. Ultimately, Ezekiel Elliott will outrush Dalvin Cook in this surprisingly solid matchup. Dallas wins 28-24.

Pick: Cowboys


Monday, November 1st - Monday Night Football

Giants(2-5) at Chiefs(3-4)

Stock hasn't been this low on the Chiefs in a very long time, but the Giants offer the perfect “get right” game opportunity. Even the frighteningly awful KC defense will look alive against the Giants. How fitting that on the “Day of the Dead”, the Chiefs emerge from the grave. Kansas City wins 37-20.

Pick: Chiefs


That’s how I see Week 8 playing out. Hopefully the Saints will win their third consecutive game! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below! Happy Halloween, Who Dat Nation!