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[WATCH] A special message from Bucs Fans before our game Sunday

We’re happy to help you, Bucs fans. Seriously.

We at Canal Street Chronicles are happy to partner with Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans today to bring you this very important PSA.

Bucs fans, if you are suffering from a lack of happiness in your team’s rare moment of relevancy and importance, then this medicine may be for you.

GTFOI can help you in your long, weird obsession with the New Orleans Saints. No, it will not make Saints fans acknowledge you as a rival, but it will help you suppress all your emotions. Especially next week when Saints fans go back to not caring about you guys.

Consult with a doctor and ask if GTFOI is right for you. But make sure it’s a good doctor, not one of the NFL doctors who trots a clearly concussed quarterback back onto the field.

To learn more about GTFOI, see the PSA below.

NSFW language in the view below.

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