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[WATCH] How it was inside the Superdome yesterday

It was fun until the 4th quarter at least

637 days. We waited 637 days for that. Ugh.

I guess we tempted the football gods too much. Laughing at Colin Cowherd for picking the Giants to win. Mocking the Giants for activating John Ross versus us. Seeing the Giants injury report and getting wide-eyed. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson feeling “sorry” for them. What’s the old saying? Don’t wake a sleeping giant. Well, we were playing the New York Giants so we certainly did awake a sleeping “giant” technically.

And that led to the New Orleans Saints losing to the New York Giants. The 0-3 New York Giants. Welcome home, team! Welcome back, fans!

As bad as the game was, I vlogged the experience yesterday and hopefully you guys enjoy. Transparently, I thought we would beat up on the Giants and the whole vlog would just be one joyous celebration of Saints fans in the dome having a ball. That obviously did not happen.

It was still fun though. It was nice to be back in the Superdome. It’s just unfortunate that the game did not match the atmosphere.

Either way, enjoy the vlog of the Saints vs Giants gameday experience. Check out some of the new revisions of the Superdome. See how Champions Square was pre-game. Watch a performance from the Saints Entertainment team. View the team introductions. Laugh at how I horribly stopped recording in the middle of Taysom’s amazing touchdown run because I thought he was tackled. Even watch the Giants game winning touchdown if you dare. If anything, there’s some nice All-22 type footage.

But win or lose, there’s no better home field game day atmosphere like the New Orleans Saints. We know how to throw a party!

Hopefully the next home game the team matches the atmosphere of the Dome for all four quarters.

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