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Important quotes after the game include Saints players sharing frustration in the loss

That was a hard one to lose.

NFL: OCT 03 Giants at Saints Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sean Payton

On the loss generally:

“Obviously, it’s a tough game to lose. Give credit to New York. They hung in there. In this league, when you are able to do that, (you can win). All of the teams are good enough to make enough plays. Certainly, we didn’t feel like we came into this game that we were seeing an 0-3 team. We knew how well they played against Atlanta and Washington. There are a number of things that we will watch on the tape that we will like, that we did well. Then, there is going to be a number of things that we are going to want to get corrected. Anytime that you have a game that goes into overtime when you lead for most of the game, and you lose, it’s frustrating.”

On the decision to try a long field goal”

“At some point we have to be able to kick a field goal. Hindsight, I would have punted. I felt that way after he missed it. The next play they scored a touchdown.”

On the play of the passing game:

“I thought it was pretty effective today. We were able to get the ball down the field. We had one called back for a holding. It was a real good throw and catch. Each week dependent on who we’re playing. I thought our third down numbers were good. Our ball security overall was pretty good. Time of possession, running game, you look at some of these numbers you would say there are a number of positive things. But again, they weren’t enough.”

On Jameis Winston’s decision-making:

“I thought it was pretty good. I thought he threw the ball down the field, thought he got us into some good plays, I thought he did a lot of good things. We’ll see on the tape. I’m sure there will be some other things. We moved the pocket with him, I thought he played well.”

Malcolm Jenkins

On preventing explosive plays:

“They made some plays, especially the big ones, identifying the open holes in the defense. The biggest thing for us was, we can survive those plays. It’s the plays in between, the missed tackles, not eliminating the catches that allowed them to move the ball, in time where we felt we could get them off the field. Obviously, we come into every game wanting to eliminate big plays, understanding that we make it very hard on a lot of teams.”

On his biggest takeaway from the game:

“It’s a pretty easy game, it’s a very simple game. Don’t let them score, especially not fast, on defense. I think we take a lot of pride in what we do for this team, so I think this was on the defense. I know this was on defense. We have to play better in order for our team to have success, and that starts with the big plays, and then tackling, to the standards which we’ve set for ourselves.”

On losing after leading:

“Yeah, I mean this is the NFL. You let any team stick around for too long, give them hope, make a play here or there like they get paid to do, next thing you know it’s a game.”

Demario Davis

On the lessons the defense can learn from this loss:

“When you have games you are in control of, you would like to be able to close them out and finish them. That is the lesson. You have got to close them (out) and put them away. That is what good teams do. Like I said, you still have to give them credit, they made plays here and there. It’s going to leave a sour taste in your mouth, but the only way to get past that is to get the next one. You don’t want to allow one game to turn into two games.”

On the loss coming in the first game back in the Dome:

“We certainly understand the platform that we have and how the team and city is one. When we win, we all win. When we lose, we all lose. We’re hungry, in the good times and the bad times. Certainly, we had hoped to come into the arena for the first time and get that win, to have a great record, because playing at home is important to us. This is the NFL. Every game is going to be a challenge. You’ve got to play your best football every week, and we didn’t do that well enough this week, so we need to get it cleaned up and come back stronger.”

Jameis Winston

On the crowd:

“It was exciting. It was the best part about today. Like I said, I wish we could have brought them a win and you don’t like to lose those type of games. That’s what we do, we finish. That’s in our DNA. Almost feels like a blur, so that’s why I apologized to them. I was so happy to be here, so blessed to have this opportunity to play in front of our fans. It didn’t work out, but we will get it fixed. That’s it.”

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