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NFL Picks Week 5: Anyone’s Guess

The first quarter of the 2021 NFL season has concluded and now we move forward with Week 5. What will this week have in store? Let’s take a look!

New Orleans Saints vs Washington Redskins Set Number: X162206 TK1

The New Orleans Saints hit the road once again to face the Washington Football Team this week. If their performance last week in New Orleans is any indication of how they will look at home, maybe its a good thing they're back on the road. Will the Saints be the team that dominated against Green Bay and New England or the team that struggled against Carolina and New York? Well, what we can expect from the Saints week to week is anyone’s guess, but guessing is what we’ll do. Let’s take a look at this and every matchup in Week 5.

Last week I went 9-7

I told you so: Bears over Lions!

What do I know: Saints over Giants?



Thursday, October 7th - Thursday Night Football

Rams(3-1) at Seahawks(2-2)

Despite a surprisingly competent effort in front of a loud home crowd in primetime, Seattle’s defense will crumble on the final drive against Matthew Stafford and the Rams. Los Angeles wins 21-20.

Pick: Rams


Sunday, October 10th - Very Early Game

Jets(1-3) at Falcons(1-3) - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - London, England

By leaving the continent, Atlanta will play their best game of the season, beating the Jets on a last-second field goal. Atlanta wins 28-26.

Pick: Falcons


Sunday, October 10th - Early Games

Lions(0-4) at Vikings(1-3)

Crushing turnovers by Detroit will be the difference in this one. Minnesota wins 36-28.

Pick: Vikings


Patriots(1-3) at Texans(1-3)

New England’s defense will simply overwhelm Houston in this game. New England wins 30-17.

Pick: Patriots


Dolphins(1-3) at Buccaneers(3-1)

Tampa will take to the skies against Miami and there is nothing the Dolphins can do to stop them. Tampa wins 32-14.

Pick: Buccaneers


Packers(3-1) at Bengals(3-1)

Another classic Aaron Rodgers last minute drive, culminating with a game-winning field goal will be the difference in this close contest. Green Bay wins 30-27.

Pick: Packers


Broncos(3-1) at Steelers(1-3)

Denver’s defense will keep them in this one with or without Teddy under center, but the hometown Steelers will hold on to a slim victory thanks to their own defense. Pittsburgh wins 23-22.

Pick: Steelers


Eagles(1-3) at Panthers(3-1)

Try as they might, Philly won't have any answers for the Carolina defense. Carolina wins 27-19.

Pick: Panthers


Titans(2-2) at Jaguars(0-4)

A steady dose of Derrick Henry will be all Tennessee needs to trample the Jags. Tennessee wins 32-20.

Pick: Titans


Saints(2-2) at Washington FT(2-2)

The Washington defense has been surprisingly underwhelming over the first quarter of this season, but this week their sleepy pass rush will come alive behind monster efforts by Chase Young and the Washington defensive line. They won't pile up sacks on Jameis Winston, but they will keep him off his spot and on the move. Thankfully for the Saints, Winston has proven to be pretty good on the move so far.

Alvin Kamara will be the biggest impact player in this game, providing the Saints offense with the spark they have desperately needed, and his success on the ground and in the short passing game will open up the opportunities the Saints have needed in the rest of their passing game. This game will come down to a huge miss in the kicking game, but this time not from the Saints, surprisingly. Washington will miss a late game-tying field goal attempt, sending the Saints back above .500 in a close contest. Saints win 30-27.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, October 10th - Late Games

Browns(3-1) at Chargers(3-1) - Game of the Week

The spectacular play of Justin Herbert will be the difference in this back and forth affair at SoFi. Los Angeles wins 28-24.

Pick: Chargers


Bears(2-2) at Raiders(3-1)

Justin Fields will finally give Chicago some competence in the passing game, but the Bears will still go bust in the end in Sin City. Las Vegas wins 24-21.

Pick: Raiders


49ers(2-2) at Cardinals(4-0)

The Arizona offense is playing out of their minds right now and they won't be slowed down by their division rivals. Arizona wins 36-20.

Pick: Cardinals


Giants(1-3) at Cowboys(3-1)

The Dallas pass rush will relentlessly harass Daniel Jones all game long, forcing him into an embarrassing amount of errors. On the other side, the Dallas passing attack will burn the Giants defense to ashes. This one will get ugly in a hurry. Dallas wins 49-12.

Pick: Cowboys


Sunday Night Football

Bills(3-1) at Chiefs(2-2)

The Buffalo defense has been absolutely stout over the last three weeks, but Patrick Mahomes is about to have one go “those” performances at home, in primetime, in this rematch of January’s AFC Championship Game. Kansas City wins 32-21.

Pick: Chiefs


Monday, October 11th - Monday Night Football

Colts(1-3) at Ravens(3-1)

The Baltimore rushing attack will steamroll Indy at home in this one. Baltimore wins 25-13.

Pick: Ravens


There we go, Week 5 is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!