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[WATCH] Jameis is getting a tad bit too excited in the pregame huddles (skit)

When the Jameis Winston era dawned upon us this summer, we knew we were entering a new age of quarterback play for the New Orleans Saints. What we didn’t account for, was a new era in pregame huddles.

We’re so used to the ferocity and tenacity of Drew Brees’ pregame huddles, and we were gradually ushered in into Demario Davis taking over that mantle, but we were NOT ready for Jameis’ role in the pregame huddle.

You’ve all probably seen it by now. Jameis is naturally funny without trying to be. And we all can sincerely appreciate how into Demario’s speech and the pregame that Jameis is.

But... enough is enough. I have received footage of this never before seen pregame huddle of the Saints between Jameis Winston, Demario Davis and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Jameis needs to dial it back just a bit. Just a bit.

Enjoy the laugh Saints fans and let’s hope for a better weekend this week than last. And to Jameis, never change QB1, never change.

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