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[WATCH] Saints fans are used to being letdown unfortunately

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I give the football gods credit. Most Saints fans probably braced for OBJ to pick another team over us. So, we were mentally ready for the age old “The Saints were really close to signing *superstar player*, BUT...” tweet. And still, the football gods found a way to make the pain of being letdown hit us hard.

All week every insider had their “sources”. Oh, the New England Patriots are the favorite. Oh, now the Green Bay Packers are the favorites. Hold on, it’s the Saints, the Saints are the favorites. Watch out for the Kansas City Chiefs though, now they are the favorites to land OBJ. Maybe insiders should slow their brakes on always trying to be first, especially when something like a player choosing a new team can literally change minute to minute with multiple teams likely coming with different pitches that can spark said player to change their mind multiple times.

But still, there was NO mention of the Los Angeles Rams. They were not even on our radar as competition. We spent all week trying to convince ourselves why Trevor Siemian was a better option than Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. We begged and pleaded to the Seattle Seahawks why they didn’t need to make a claim for OBJ.

And it was the Rams who he signed with?! I’m not even surprised. And you shouldn’t be either. OBJ lives for the flashing lights. The idea of playing in Hollywood and having a chance at a ring was likely too much for him to pass up, even if it meant him not seeing the volume of targets he’d have got down here. But still... why is it the teams we dislike most who are the ones who always get the laugh over us?

I calmly let OBJ know how we as a collective fanbase felt about the move.

And now? Now we wait to be letdown again. Heck, we’re already hyping ourselves up for Russell Wilson next season. Or even Aaron Rodgers (don’t hate me, he may be ignorant to this vaccine but if he’s throwing 5 touchdowns in black and gold on Sundays... I’m just saying). I’m sure the football gods will find another cruel way to let us down again. Until Trevor Siemian to Kevin White we trust!


Hey not all is bad Saints fans. All satire aside, one thing this city knows how to do no matter what is have a good time. I attended the Saints Fan Fest at Faubourg Brewery last Saturday and vlogged my experience. Though me, and a lot of other fans were clearly wrong about our confidence in the Falcons game, a good time was still had by all and many Saints legends made cameos. Enjoy the vlog if you want to experience the spirit of New Orleans & Who Dat Nation, and if ever in the area, definitely check out Faubourg Brewery, it’s a nice hidden gem in the city.

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