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[WATCH] Hear from NFL Refs after they robbed the Saints...again (skit)

Tale as old as time

Stop if you’ve heard this before: the NFL referees made an egregious call during an NFL game Sunday. Stop again if you’ve heard this before: the NFL referees cost the New Orleans Saints tremendously with a bad call that swung the game.

As wild as this 2021 Saints season has been, it’s at least good to know some things never change. And all credit to the Tennessee Titans, I’m not here to say that the horrible roughing the passer call was the only reason they won, but it sure helped. And yes, I know I know, “the refs gave you guys call too”, “the refs weren’t the ones who fumbled the ball”, “the refs didn’t miss the extra points”, blah blah blah.

We’re Saints fans guys. You give us a chance to rag on the NFL officials and we are going to do it. Here’s the NFL referee after the Saints Titans game:

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