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Important quotes after the Saints drop second game in a row include restraint regarding questionable officiating

Whether it cost them the game or not, officiating has deserved the heavy scrutiny it’s been given.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Payton

On the New Orleans Saints loss in general:

“Disappointing loss. I thought we came in with a good plan. We fought hard. That’s what makes it difficult. Just in the end too many little things, you know? A couple of false starts, critical situations. Obviously the turnover, missed PATs, but tip your hat. It was a hard-fought game.”

On the questionable roughing the passing call:

“No explanation. There wasn’t an explanation.”

On self-constructed obstacles:

“Man, it’s the attention to detail, obviously. We look at it as coaches, too. Start with me. Pretty soon we start looking at who’s doing it. You know, we start evaluating who’s making plays and who’s not. And it just is what it is. It’s our league.”

Trevor Siemian

On confidence in the team:

“[This] is the NFL. You’re not blowing people out, you’re not winning by three or four scores every week. The margin for error is next to nothing and these games, whatever percent of them come down to one possession at the end, and if you slip up on a few details, this is what happens.”

On playing without Alvin Kamara:

Yeah, he’s a difference maker and he’s got to be accounted for on every snap. Yeah, I think Mark played really well, but Alvin changes the game a little bit.

Mark Ingram

On setting the franchise rushing yardage record:

“It’s just a tremendous blessing. I appreciate it. Still working for much, much more, but to be able to say that for a storied organization, a prestigious organization that’s had a lot of great runners come through and a lot of great runners will continue to come through, it’s something to be proud of. So, I’m thankful and I’m blessed. That’s just another step in the process. I plan to continue to do a lot more.”

On Deuce McAllister

“When things weren’t necessarily ideal, whether it was my role in the offense or the injuries, whatever it may have been, he was always encouraging and supportive and I appreciate him for that. I’m honored to be able to take over Deuce’s record.”

Demario Davis

On the questionable roughing the passer penalty

I am certainly not going to be the guy that criticizes referees. I feel like they have a tough job and they are doing the best they can. From a defensive perspective, understanding what took place on that drive specifically, you get an interception and that is points on the board where that’s a great thing if you can hold them to three. You end up allowing that drive to continue and then get another one with the pass interference on me. Those were two bang-bang plays. Certainly, you get a chance to hold them to three or you get a chance to be off the field and hold them to zero points when they got down to the red zone. So, as a defender who takes pride in trying to keep the opponent from getting the least amount of points as he can, that goes against what we kind of want to happen. I certainly understand the referees have a tough job. Sometimes you are on the other side of that and you are happy and you are not necessarily caring about if it was right or wrong, they call it on the other team you are celebrating. I think the refs have a tough job, they are doing the best they can. I try to control what I can control and leave the rest to them.”

On facing adversity and improving:

I appreciate the fact that our team responds to adversity the right way. We do a good job of not letting one game turn into two games. Guys will be right back to work and try to figure out how they can get better at their process, they way study film, the way they practice, the way they detail their work. That’s one thing I appreciate about coming to work with this team. We have just got to find a way to get better. Each man has to continue to own their responsibilities and areas they can improve and come better next week.”

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