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NFL Picks Week 11: Everybody Hurts

Week 10 proved to be the most unpredictable week of this NFL this season. What will Week 11 have in store?

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints face the Philadelphia Eagles on the road in Philly. There is little doubt this will be the most hostile environment the Saints have entered this season. Most fans cringe at the thought of this game unfolding like last year’s did, in Jalen Hurt’s NFL debut. Speaking of hurts, the Saints are hurting on the field, fighting through a myriad of crippling injuries, and the fans are hurting, watching this team fail to capitalize of opportunity after opportunity this season. We now hope that Hurts doesn't deliver more hurt to the Saints this Sunday. Now lets take a look at this and all of the NFL action in Week 11.

Last week I went 5-9 (ugh)

I told you so: Cowboys over Falcons (in a blowout)!

What do I know: Browns over Patriots?



Thursday, November 18th - Thursday Night Football

Patriots(6-4) at Falcons(4-5)

New England will absolutely shut down Matt Ryan and the Atlanta passing game. It won't be as bad for the Falcons as last week, but it will feel very familiar. New England wins 31-7.

Pick: Patriots


Sunday, November 21st - Early Games

Dolphins(3-7) at Jets(2-7)

Tua will have his best outing of the season against the lowly Jets. Miami wins 21-3.

Pick: Dolphins


Washington FT(3-6) at Panthers(5-5)

Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey will shine against former coach Ron Rivera. Carolina wins 26-20.

Pick: Panthers


Colts(5-5) at Bills(6-3)

Buffalo’s defense will have all the answers for Indy in this one. Buffalo wins 23-19.

Pick: Bills


Lions(0-8-1) at Browns(5-5)

Cleveland’s roller coaster season will hit another peak against winless Detroit. Cleveland wins 35-21.

Pick: Browns


49ers(4-5) at Jaguars(2-7)

San Francisco’s deadly defense will not have a letdown against the Jags, while their offense gains more confidence. San Francisco wins 42-21.

Pick: 49ers


Texans(1-8) at Titans(8-2)

Upset Alert! Chalk it up to the familiarity of divisional play, or Tennessee’s overconfidence against a horrible Texans team, but the Titans will stumble and fall in this game. The biggest surprise in this one will be the Houston passing attack carving up the Titans defense. Led by a huge performance by Brandin Cooks, the Houston pass-catchers will feast on the Tennessee defense, putting the Texans in position for the game-winning field goal in the closing moments. Houston wins 38-35.

Pick: Texans


Packers(8-2) at Vikings(4-5)

Green Bay will lean on their defense to create a big turnover late, allowing the Pack to win on a late field goal. Green Bay wins 33-31.

Pick: Packers


Ravens(6-3) at Bears(3-6)

This will be a very good contest featuring great young stars at quarterback and solid defensive play. This one will take overtime to complete. Baltimore wins 24-21.

Pick: Ravens


Saints(5-4) at Eagles(4-6)

The Saints need this game. To go from 5-2 to 5-5 will not only be deflating in the standings, but will also be deflating emotionally. The NFC contenders have done their absolute best to keep the Saints in contention by flailing along with the Saints over the past two losses, but that will not continue to happen. The Saints need to turn things around and it starts with their offense, as the defense has carried the team all year.

As for the quarterback matchup, after a huge win in Denver last week, Jalen Hurts will continue his surge by frustrating the Saints defense, who will play well, as usual, but will tire of carrying the team late. Trevor Siemian will unfortunately struggle to find consistency in the passing game, thanks to, you guessed it, the Saints “pass-catchers”, who will once again fail to live up to that name.

We will now officially reach that point in a subpar Saints season where the Saints lose another game they shouldn't, causing fans to declare the team and the season dead and buried. Then, the Saints will do what it is they do, and win the big games everyone thinks they will certainly lose. It is what the Saints do, This one will unfortunately feel like a valley in an up and down season.

Philadelphia wins 27-21.

Pick: Eagles


Sunday, November 21st - Late Games

Bengals(5-4) at Raiders(5-4)

Joe Burrow will outshine Derek Carr on the Las Vegas Strip. Cincinnati wins 27-14.

Pick: Bengals


Cardinals(8-2) at Seahawks(3-6)

Arizona will snap their losing slump with a tight win over Russell Wilson in Seattle. Arizona wins 31-29.

Pick: Cardinals


Cowboys(7-2) at Chiefs(6-4) - Game of the Week

Following their respective blowout wins last week, both of these teams are looking their best right now, and they will have a great game in this one. This game will be decided by a surprisingly competent game by the KC defense which will male the big stops when needed here at home. Kansas City wins 28-24.

Pick: Chiefs


Sunday Night Football

Steelers(5-3-1) at Chargers(5-4)

Justin Herbert will win a close battle against the Pittsburgh defense in this tight game. Los Angeles wins 27-25.

Pick: Chargers


Monday, November 22nd - Monday Night Football

Giants(3-6) at Buccaneers(6-3)

Tampa Bay rebounds from their stunning loss in Washington with a home win here over the Giants. Tampa wins 28-22.

Pick: Buccaneers


There we go, Week 11 is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below!