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[WATCH] Let’s hear from Bucs Fan’s postgame press conference (skit)

The one time we want to hear from them

Oh you knew it was coming.

After being subjected to hearing from Tampa Bay Bucs Fan and seeing Tampa Bay Bucs fan last week, we actually DO want to hear from him after that game.

You know the game...the one the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans assumed would be the game they assert their dominance and declare that the NFC South was now their division to reign. The one where all they had to do to achieve that was defeat the deadly combination of Trevor Siemian and Kevin White. Yup, that game.

Emotions were high after the big win by the New Orleans Saints, and Bucs Fan would not be silenced!

I’m sure Falcons fans will be a lot more tolerable this week, right? Right???

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