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Week 11 Bold Predictions

Bold predictions from the Canal St. Chronicles Staff for the Saints vs. Eagles game on Sunday.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the Canal St. Chronicles staff bold predictions for Sunday’s matchup of the New Orleans Saints vs. the Philadelphia Eagles.


  • Saints hold Eagles to under 50 yards rushing.
  • Deonte Harris has a kick return for a TD.

Chris Dunnells:

  • Saints win.
  • Eagles total less than 75 rushing yards with Jalen Hurts being the leader rusher.
  • Mark Ingram has 150+ yards of offense.

Chris Conner

  • Marcus Davenport has two sacks again.

Ross Jackson:

  • Saints get their first 100 yard wide receiver of the season - Deonte Harris.
  • Kawann Baker plays a snap on offense.
  • Malcolm Jenkins pick, PBU, TFL and sack.

Matthew Terry

  • Jalen Hurts has 100 rushing yards.
  • Mark Ingram has 2 TDs.

Gregory Layfield:

  • Nick Vannett goes for 60 yards and 2 TDs as he swoops in and fills the role that others couldn’t.

Tina Howell:

  • Mark Ingram has 100+ yards.
  • Defense sacks Hurts 3 times.

Brian Pavek

  • Hurts throws for 400 yards and 4 TDs.
  • Cesar Ruiz falls over 9 times.
  • Marquez Callaway has 2 TDs.

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