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[WATCH] Inside the Superdome for Drew Brees’ Commemoration Ceremony

Thank you, Drew

Game? What game? I don’t know what game you guys are referring to. Thanksgiving Night was the night we thanked Drew Brees for his 15 years as a New Orleans Saints and finally got to give him a proper farewell in a packed Superdome.

Though you can watch a much better viewing of the halftime ceremony commemorating Drew Brees on the Saints YouTube channel, I also filmed it from my vantage points (along with a few of the other game day activities) to show fans how it was inside the Dome yesterday.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Why NBC didn’t show it on their telecast? I have no idea. I mean they could have given the Saints fans at home watching ONE good thing to celebrate yesterday. But I hope my video makes it feel a bit like you were there.


...and please come back. Lol, just kidding. Unless you really want to though.

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