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New t-shirt available to commemorate Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara reuniting

Boom and Zoom are back, baby!

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If you’re not familiar with BreakingT, your one-stop shop for real-time, officially-licensed t-shirts, you should be. BreakingT, your home for real-time, officially licensed NFL shirts, now has shirts now available for purchase for New Orleans Saints fans to recognize the return of the NFL’s most dynamic (and entertaining) running back duo in the NFL.

The shirt is available for purchase here.

With the New Orleans Saints down their backup running back after Tony Jones, Jr. suffered an injury early in the season, the Saints needed to do something to bring Alvin Kamara some help.

Insert old friend Mark Ingram. Ingram, a former first round pick of New Orleans, left the Saints two seasons ago, spending two years with the Baltimore Ravens before joining the Houston Texans this past offseason. With Houston not likely to compete in a crowded AFC, the Texans dealt Ingram to New Orleans to re-form the “Boom & Zoom” duo from 2017-2018.

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