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[WATCH] Breaking down Tom Brady’s Pick 6 versus the Saints

Sean Payton knew.

It was the best play of the week in the NFL and I’d argue the greatest play in NFL history behind Tracy Porter’s picks on Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in the playoffs. PJ Williams intercepted Tom Brady to send the Superdome into the biggest ovation its had in over two years and seal the New Orleans Saints victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I broke down a few of Jameis’ plays earlier this year, so having to downgrade to watching Tom Brady film was pretty tough, but I have a job to do!

Enjoy this hard hitting, elite analysis of why Sean Payton passed three straight times on our final scoring possession and what caused Tom Brady to throw a gift of a pass to PJ Williams. Also, I dug in deep to see why Leonard Fournette was so mad at Chauncey Gardner Johnson after the game.

Note: This video contains NSFW language!

Aww, Lenny is just like Bucs fans: always mad at the Saints.

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