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[WATCH] What happens when a Falcons fan calls a Saints fan

Phew. Feels good to finally be done with Bucs Fan... for now. Time for some peace and quiet now and ahh crap, its Falcons Hate Week right? I guess that means Falcons Fan is right around the corner. Sigh.

To be fair, Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn’t be too intolerable this week. I mean, the Atlanta Braves just won the World Series and the Falcons seem primed for another season where their only major victory is cheering for whoever we play in the playoffs, so they should be pretty even keel this week I assume.

Or not. Poor Chris Rosvoglou, he does amazing work at The Spun and Boot Krewe Media, but even he can’t escape the “wrath” of Falcons fan. We all know how this ends though, right?

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