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[WATCH] The Life of a Saints Fan

Oh to be a New Orleans Saints fan. One week you’re beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with your third string quarterback being thrusted into the game on short notice, the next weekend you’re losing to the Atlanta Falcons, then winning against the Atlanta Falcons, then losing to them again.

That Saints game was peak Falcons and peak Saints. The Falcons took a big lead. The Saints played underwhelming against a seemingly inferior opponent. The Falcons blew said lead. The Saints got our hopes up again, after we all had probably accepted the defeat by that point, only to let us down AGAIN and lose the game on a defensive breakdown. Let’s be real...the Saints and Falcons were made for each other. No matter what though, we’ll always have our lone Super Bowl and 28-3 over them.

The Life of a Saints fan isn’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it:

The choking jokes we could have had man. The choking jokes we could have had. Happy OBJ Tuesday!

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