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CSC’s fantasy league recap: Week 12

Blowouts are on the menu for Thanksgiving Dinner

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This is the Falcons Fault-Hayden Reel: 92.3 (6-6)


Green Bay LiveLaughLove-Kevin Skiver: 76.48 (6-6)

Elijah Mitchell and Nick Folk lead me to victory despite 5 total points from both WRs. Kickers are people too you know.

Team Sanders-Dylan Sanders: 114.5 (6-6)


Team Dunnells-Chris Dunnells: 95.02 (7-5)

Big Thanksgiving day in Dallas for Team Sanders as Daniel Carlson and Dak Prescott each go for 21+ points. Not a bad week from Team Dunnells but just wasn’t enough.

Team Ertle-Brenden Ertle: 72.08 (3-9)


You Winston You Lose Some-Ross Jackson: 61.58 (3-9)

Team Ertle gets their first win since Week 3, but unfortunately by way of victories from me and Team Sanders, both of these teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Team Two First Place-Brian Pavek: 151.52 (8-4)


Instant Kamara-Nic Jennings: 62.58 (3-9)

Leonard Fournette’s huge day also eliminates Instant Kamara from playoff contention.

Mr. Chow-Tina Howell: 119.0 (9-3)


Bishop Sycamore Centurions-Andrew Bell: 68.96 (6-6)

Mr. Chow gets back on track to clinch a playoff spot as Cordarrelle Patterson returns from injury. Tee Higgins and Mason Crosby were the only ones in double figures for the Bishop Sycamore Centurions.

CeeDeez Lutz-Greg Layfield: 139.48 (9-3)


Ask the Cook-Chris Conner: 106.04 (6-6)

The hottest team in the league keeps it going with a fifth straight win for CeeDeez Lutz. All but one player scoring in double digits is a good way to clinch a playoff spot.

Highest Scoring Team: Team Two First Place-Brian Pavek: 151.52 (2)

Lowest Scoring Team: You Winston You Lose Some-Ross Jackson: 61.58 (4)

Largest Margin of Victory: Team Two First Place-Brian Pavek: 88.94 points (3)

This Weeks MVP: Leonard Fournette, Team Two First Place (40.6 points) (1)

This Weeks LVP: Chris Godwin, Green Bay LiveLaughLove (2.7 points) (1)

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