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Important quotes after the Saints win over the Jets include checking in on players playing through injury

Taysom’s finger, Kamara’s leg, Tayson’s foot - everything is dinged up right now.

New Orleans Saints v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Sean Payton

On the win generally:

“Just a couple things, obviously, it was a good team win. We did a lot of things well situationally, thought we played really good team defense, ran the ball effectively, made enough plays on offense and in the kicking game. Thought we did a good job protecting the field position, especially earlier in the game with a little bit of that wind going in the one direction.”

On the game plan going in:

“I think you go into the start of this game and you feel like these guys have been scoring – I think last week they put up in their first half. No, this was a little bit of us feeling offensively that we’re going to have a handful of things with Alvin (Kamara) back, and Terron (Armstead) back, that was important, so we wanted that balance. Then watching how the defense was playing in the red zone particularly, so it just kind of moved in a direction in the second half. We shot ourselves in the foot a few times, obviously the ball slips out of Taysom’s (Hill) hand on the one down and it really like flipped field position almost – I don’t know how many yards we lost on that play, and we got a screen set up where it was the perfect look, but overall it was a good team win.”

On if Alvin Kamara’s workload went according to plan:

“No, I couldn’t say that. But look, that sounds about right. I think it ended up going that direction, obviously we had a lot of snaps then, he gave us some real good juice and energy, and he always does. It’s not just on the field, but also on the sideline and we blocked them, I thought, pretty well up front.”

On the kicking game:

“Yes, that was important. I thought we kicked well and there was a win. It was going to be a challenging win. Early in the game relative to direction, you’re kind of looking at two things, the sun if you turn around is going to be directly in your eyes – that was only for about eight minutes. We deferred but I thought the kicking game was important and I thought we did a good job and then Easop (Winston Jr.) did a good job (in his) first time out. We had a couple players playing for their first time and it was good.”

On Taysom Hill’s late touchdown run:

“Obviously, we’re sliding, the game is over there. But it was kind of a zero-funnel look. We switched Alvin from a king to a queen set, the safety kind of matched over like we were hopefully anticipating. Then, they’re an aggressive defense at that time because they need the ball back and I haven’t seen the tape, it happened opposite our sideline but I’m quite sure Juwan (Johnson) probably had a really good block and Terron got out, so it was the right look.”

On the defense:

“Yeah, we’re getting some guys back. It was good to have Marcus (Davenport) back, and then hopefully we can get our COVID crew back soon and get ready for another important game.”

Taysom Hill

On his late touchdown:

“I mean, I obviously should have slid.”

On his finger injury:

“It was okay. There were a couple plays that I felt like it affected me, but overall I thought that we were able to manage it well.”

On whether his fumbles were a result of his finger injury:

“No, the fumble late we just didn’t get a clean exchange. We were trying to set up a screen in the first half and the ball slipped out of my hand. That was one play in particular.”

On the importance of the return of Alvin Kamara:

“I think statistically, obviously, the numbers speak for themselves, but man just having his presence on the field and having the ability to hand him the ball and all of that stuff, like man he just does so much for this team, just being there. He’s a great leader, he’s an emotional guy, plays with a lot of emotion. So, there’s so many things intangibly that he brings as well that the stats don’t quantify, but statistically, they obviously speak for themselves as well.”

Kwon Alexander

On not having Cameron Jordan on the field:

“It was kind of weird, but like he said, next man up. Most of our guys, they’re capable of being starters. They came in there, played with energy, played with heart, played with passion, and we got a dub.”

On Marcus Davenport:

“He’s just so disruptive. Play fast, play until the end of the whistle. We’re glad to have him back out there, too, because we just got him back this week. He’s just been a beast since he’s been back, you know what I’m saying? We’re just going to keep working with him, keep getting better and better every week.”

Demario Davis

On ending the losing streak:

“It’s always about the process for us. That’s what we’re always focused on, week in and week out, is getting better. We’ve had some challenging weeks, not being able to get the result that we wanted on the field. We’ve just stayed true to the process. And that’s what you do. You lock in on your details. How can you get better as an individual? How can you bring your best come Sunday? And eventually it’ll pay off for you, and it did today. We’ll take that one. Enjoy it, then flush it, then get on to the next.”

On getting CJ Gardner-Johnson back:

“That was huge. We want all of our guys out there. We can’t wait to get Cam (Jordan) back, as well, get some of our d-line guys back. We want all of our guys out there. We want everybody healthy. And that’s when we’re at our best. It’s a next man up business, but getting him back, getting any of our guys back, is always going to take us to the next level.”

Alvin Kamara

On how he feels after the game:

“I feel good. I’m back healthy. I think that was most important thing, just being able to get healthy and get well so I can help the team the best I could. Like you said, I felt comfortable, I felt good. O-line played well. I think we played well all around as a team. I think there was a lot of energy out there and we came out with the win.”

On if the Saints offense made halftime adjustments:

“Nah, I think it was execution. When you look at those two drives that we had that we were super behind the chains, it kind of takes away from the good things you’re doing. So, came out, locked in and just tried to hone in and stay ahead of the chains. And we did a pretty good job of that in the second half.”

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