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CSC Staff Picks, Week 15: Saints’ fan happiness expected to be short-lived against Bucs

That was fun while it lasted.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints Set Number: X163856 TK1

The New Orleans Saints finally snapped their five-game losing streak with a win last Sunday against the New York Jets.

While the New Orleans Saints have had issues and injuries (including most recently to running back Alvin Kamara and the majority of the offensive line), the team as a whole has struggled. Looking to provide a spark to the offense, Sean Payton made a quarterback change and Taysom Hill started his first game at quarterback in the 2021 season two weeks ago against the Dallas Cowboys.

Taysom struggled at times (to say the least) against the Cowboys, but he found substantially more success against a putrid Jets defense. The staff here at CSC seems to think the Saints might start a new losing streak since the Saints opponent this week - the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers - has a defense more akin to the Cowboys and less like the Jets.

Here are our live-updating picks:

Last year, we had a celebrity guest join us each week to make picks for that week’s games. This year, we’re going to do something differently, where we’ll have a reader of Canal Street Chronicles make picks and track how our readers stack up with the staff here at CSC. This week, we have @maclindsey24 on Twitter joining us to make picks as we continue the 2021 season.

Here are Mac’s picks this week:

Chiefs, Raiders, Patriots, Bills, Cardinals, Dolphins, Cowboys, Washington, Titans, Texans, Bengals, 49ers, Rams, Packers, Buccaneers, and Vikings.

After most of the staff picked the Saints to win - including our special guest - last week, we’re back to expecting a rough go of it this week for the Saints.

Thanks to Tallysight for helping keep track with all of our picks each week and offering this super awesome graphic.

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