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[WATCH] An NFC South Christmas

Get this...a Saints, Bucs, Falcons, and Panthers fan walk into Santa’s Workshop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I, and everyone here at Canal Street Chronicles, hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. This season has had its ups and downs, but hopefully we get a fun December and January that is merry and bright for all of Who Dat Nation.

In the spirit of Christmas, this week’s video brings us to the North Pole. That’s right! Santa Claus is in town! And he’s got a few special guests visiting.

What would an Atlanta Falcons fan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, Carolina Panthers fan, and New Orleans Saints fan ask for this Christmas? There’s only one way to find out!

Also, because I’m in the holly jolly good mood, I know you all remember last Saints-Bucs week a few weeks ago when I took...just... a ... few... shots at the Bucs and their fans. Well, I’ve matured and grown since then and we’re past that. As Christmas approaches, I truly want to apologize to Bucs fans if they were in any way angry at my content this season.

God bless us everyone!

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